Lyon startup Elistair raises 5 million euros to get wired drones off the ground

While the Chinese DJI and the French Parrot were scrambling to compete for the place of world leader in the drone market, the Lyon start-up Elistair decided to stand out by betting on wired drones. The latter are indeed more effective than traditional drones in the context of tactical observation and civil protection missions. To continue its development in this niche of activity, the company announces a series B of 5 million euros with Omnes and its historical investor Starquest. This operation comes three years after initial financing of 2 million euros.

Listen to our exchange with Guilhem de Marliave, co-founder and CEO of Elistair, to discover the issues behind this new round table:

Founded in 2014 by Timothée Penet and Guilhem de Marliave, the French company was inspired by underwater robotics to develop wired stations to transform any classic drone into a wired drone, as well as an automated wired drone. . The latter, called “Orion 2”, is able to rise to 100 meters in height to have radiation allowing it to detect a vehicle more than 10 kilometers away. In addition, thanks to its micro-wire technology, the drone is permanently powered, which allows it to operate without interruption for 24 hours in a row, against an average of half an hour for conventional drones carrying batteries. In addition to a longer autonomy, the use of a micro-wire makes it possible to secure the data exchanges between the drone and its operator.

Elistair’s Orion 2 corded drone in action. Credit: Elistair.

40% of sales in the United States

With its drone and wired stations, the Lyon start-up can transform drones into real aerial lookouts. This approach is particularly useful for increasing the field of vision of military forces in theaters of operation or in areas devastated by a natural disaster, protecting bases, monitoring borders, observing road traffic, deploying emergency networks of telecommunications or even secure major events such as the Super Bowl and the Ryder Cup. To date, Elistair indicates that its solutions have been deployed in 65 countries by military and internal security forces.

The company generates 40% of its turnover in the United States, where it opened an office in Boston three months ago. And the Lyon start-up intends to rely on this funding of 5 million euros to accelerate its deployment, particularly in West Africa, while continuing its rise in the American market as well as in Europe. “We plan to accelerate the industrialization of our production and increase our R&D capacity. Our technological roadmap aims to develop new generations of wired drones capable of responding to all types of scenarios and conditions. We will also increase the intelligence and automation of our solutions», Specifies Timothée Penet, co-founder and CTO of Elistair. “This fundraising will allow us to tighten our range of products for the defense and homeland security segment, and to cope with strong traction in our order book over the past few months.», Adds Guilhem de Marliave, co-founder and CEO of Elistair.

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Elistair: the key data

Founders: Timothée Penet and Guilhem de Marliave
Creation: 2014
The head office : Lyon
Sector: Drones
Activity: wired observation stations and drones

Funding: 5 million euros in March 2021, 2 million euros in January 2018 …


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