Life Home V90 Villa Edition: discover the Chinese motorhome with integrated lift!

Excess at all levels. This is how we could summarize the Life Home V90 Villa Edition from the Chinese SAIC Maxus. A vehicle on two levels with lift, priced at € 345,000.

Being able to travel at will by taking your house every time, such is the credo of the Chinese manufacturer SAIC Maxus with its Life Home V90 Villa Edition model. A real mobile home in the strict sense of the term, but not really comparable with the one found at the Flots Bleus campsite.

Inaccessible at all levels


No, the V90 is of a completely different kind, inaccessible at all levels. Levels precisely, it is a question here since the vehicle has two, just to have each his home! A retractable double-decker, worthy of a double-decker bus accessed by … a private elevator, and which even has a bedroom and a small terrace: crazy! In addition, on the ground floor, the model has a parquet floor, marquetry and a hyper contemporary design, and all the comforts worthy of a real luxury hut, with an equipped kitchen, a real bar and a superb living room housing a huge stylish corner sofa and a Home Cinema.

The icing on the hood, the LCD glass surfaces of the extreme motorhome allow light management, between transparency and total opacity. Well, still remains to address the crucial point, that of the painful: the Life Home V90 Villa Edition is exchanged (theoretically since it is not marketed in our regions) for the equivalent of 345,000 euros. A straw.

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