Lexus unveils new LF-Z Electrified concept car

The Japanese luxury car manufacturer has just presented its latest concept car to date: the LF-Z Electrified. A 100% electric vehicle almost 5 meters long which intends to prefigure the next generation of the brand’s models.

The LF-Z Electrified concept car illustrates Lexus’ plans for the future. © Lexus

Lexus is committed to achieving carbon neutrality over the entire lifecycle of its products by 2050. Therefore, by 2025, the manufacturer plans to introduce in its range 20 models (completely new or significantly overhauled), 10 of which will be equipped with electrified engines – 100% electric, rechargeable hybrids or “self-recharging” hybrids. It must be said that with the launch in 2005 of the Lexus RX 400h, the brand is a pioneer in the premium hybrid car segment. As a result, it intends to continue to defend a sustainable and innovative vision of mobility. With this in mind, the LF-Z Electrified concept car illustrates Lexus’ future plans by giving an overview of the style, technologies and driving experience that the manufacturer wants to offer by 2025.

The signature of the future

The design of the LF-Z Electrified is based on a profile quite characteristic of electric concept cars, namely a bow with a refined nose and a raised stern. The wheels, whose rim diameter seems to mount the vehicle on stilts, are found “Thrusts towards the corners of the vehicle, helping to lower the center of gravity and creating a wide posture”, indicates Lexus in its press release. The thin horizontal strip of the rear lights features a new Lexus logo to symbolize the stylistic modernization of the brand. As for its size, it imposes since the LF-Z Electrified is 4.88m long, has a 2.95m wheelbase and weighs 2.1 tonnes on the scale!

When you open the door, the interior appears as an open and minimalist space with its glass surfaces running from the windshield to the rear window as well as its panoramic electrochromic glass roof, which can be opacified if necessary. Adopting the “Tazuna” philosophy, which aims to be human-centered, the interior is functional thanks to a wide dashboard positioned relatively low in relation to the passengers. Likewise, communication between all occupants is guaranteed by a touch panel in the center of the roof while the rear seats have a massage function, a rare privilege and until then reserved only for front passengers.

Connected with the reality of tomorrow

In terms of innovations, the Lexus concept car does not have to envy the competition. Yes its digital key allows the LF-Z Electrified to ogle on the side of service providers such as carpooling – who can control the locking and unlocking of the doors remotely with a smartphone -, the E-Latch system of the doors will appeal to lovers of high-tech gadgets. Thus, when the person with the digital key approaches the car, the handle retracted in the bodywork will deploy automatically, like an insertion hatch in a CD player. Thanks to its sensors, this technology also helps to monitor the surroundings of the car. and, where appropriate, to warn of the approach of a cyclist for example.

But that’s not all ! LF-Z Electrified also uses artificial intelligence to engage with the driver and thus store up his personal preferences and habits with a view to providing him, then, with useful suggestions on the choice of routes. A voice communication which should contribute to the peace of mind of the driver, just like the head-up display in augmented reality and the main controls gathered around the steering wheel. « This layout indicates the direction the interior styling of the next generation Lexus will take., with an increased front field of vision and instrumentation arranged in such a way that the driver does not have to look away from the road ”, also lets know the brand.

600 km of autonomy

On the performance side, finally, the LF-Z Electrified is distinguished by a “sophisticated” Direct 4 all-wheel drive, developed on a dedicated platform. Its lithium-ion battery, it projects a capacity of 90 kWh and a range of 600 km all the same (WLTP cycle). As for the mounting at the rear of the electric motor, it participates in “Dynamic road behavior” advances the builder. And this although the maximum speed of the vehicle does not exceed 200 km / h, surely because of its overweight (2.1 tons, we remind…).

“Based on two new models that will be launched this year 2021, we will continue to develop innovative products that will add color to the multiple lifestyles of our customers » confidently proclaims Koji Sato, President and Brand Chief Lexus International. An ambition supported by the upcoming opening by Lexus ofa new technology and commercial center in Shimoyama, Aichi Prefecture, Japan, in March 2024.


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