Dans une concession automobile

In 2020, new car sales fell 25% in France. However, in this difficult context, the Legrand group claims to have succeeded in maintain a relatively stable volume of activity in its eighteen dealerships in Alençon, Laval, Flers and Le Mans.

A feat achieved, despite the drop in attendance in concessions, thanks to maintaining a strong customer relationship, particularly through new technologies, explains the CEO of the group, Georges Legrand: “The follow-up of our customers thanks to our call-center was very effective and we also took advantage of this period to develop software for remote vehicle presentation.”

Sitting in his chair, “the customer is in direct contact with a salesperson who, using a camera, opens the doors for him, describes the product to him, which still allows him to have a very good overview”, not being able to take the wheel to feel the sensations behind the wheel. A way of capturing in a more lively way potential customers who today, “90% inquire about the internet to buy a car”.

So even if it is less easy to buy a car than a book on the internet, this use is growing : “In 2020, we achieved 25% of the group’s digital sales and we hope to increase to 45% in 2021. Because the confinement and the crisis have forced us to accelerate the digitization of our sales processes.”


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