Durant l'opération coup de pouce , le Décathlon de la Chapelle-Saint-Aubin a dû embaucher trois employés supplémentaires pour faire face à la demande.

This Wednesday, March 31, the bicycle boost operation will come to an end. Launched last May at the time of deconfinement, the “bicycle boost” is a package of 50 euros (excluding taxes) paid by the State which allows you to buy or have your bicycle repaired. In all, nearly two million French people have benefited from it.

My turnover has doubled.

At Le Mans, this offer was beneficial for several bicycle repairers like Mélanie, 30, at the head of “Graham’s bicycle”: “I work from home in a small workshop, so during the first confinement, I was afraid of lacking visibility and of seeing my business collapse. With the bicycle boost, it was the opposite effect. My figure business doubled, with many more repairs and more customers compared to previous years. “

1,588 bikes repaired at the La-Chapelle-Saint-Aubin Decathlon

Same observation at the Chapel-Saint-Aubin Decathlon in Le Mans. With this aid of 50 euros, 1,588 bikes have been repaired since last May and three employees have been hired: “We have had up to 200 bikes at the same time in our workshop. The demand for cycling has increased by 60% since the start of the year and it does not seem to be stopping“, insists Vincent, technician in the bicycle department of Decathlon.

Cyclamaine is full of members

On the side of the association Le Mans Cyclamaine, the results are also positive. “Over the year, we were able to offer revisions, repairs, purchases, bike-school sessions, but also numerous memberships to self-repair workshops. We have also exceeded the bar of 70 members, we could not ask for betterThe association hopes that the dynamics around the bike will not stop with the operation “Help”.

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