L'aire de camping-car de Sainte-Fortunade vient d'ouvrir et attire déjà les voyageurs

In the service areas, motorhome drivers find, in addition to parking, electricity for a very small fee, enough to empty their tanks and fill up with water. Without that they don’t stay long, or even they don’t come, explains Michel Crouzevialle, experienced motorhome operator. “Every three days we have to empty our tanks. It avoids wild unloading”. In Sainte-Fortunade, we regularly had this experience because the town still attracted motorhomes, underlines Yves Jaulin the mayor before adding “we held them back with difficulty”. In short, we need service areas both to attract them and to keep them for a few days.

40 to 50 euros per day

This is the tourism challenge of this Tulle Agglo program, which has already opened three reception and service areas. They were placed in Tulle, the city center and at the north and south entrances to better irrigate the 45 municipalities of the territory. A strategy that obviously aims to produce economic benefits for the entire agglomeration. Because motorhomes are spendthrift tourists. On average in France they leave between 40 and 50 euros per day in shops during their travels. And this all year round because they travel a lot and often. The Tulle-Agglo program is not yet complete: a fourth straight area will soon open in Gimel-les-Cascades


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