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La Baloise announced during Investor Day in 2020 its intention to use its strategic phase ending at the end of 2025 to significantly expand its Mobility and Habitat ecosystems. By investing 5 million euros in the “GoMore” car-sharing service provider and targeting a growing sustainable mobility market, it is once again expanding its ecosystem

mobility. GoMore gives its members the option of renting or carpooling cars they own and which are largely leased vehicles that GoMore makes available to them on favorable terms. These services perfectly complement the Mobility ecosystem services offered by partners such as Mobly, Gowago, Ben Fleet Services, Stratos, Drivolution or aboDeinauto.

With 2.6 million members in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Spain, GoMore is one of the main players in the transition to modern mobility that we are witnessing in Europe, as well as a start-up. up already firmly established. Advancing this transformation of individual traffic and providing financial support for GoMore’s European expansion is an initiative for Baloise that fits perfectly with its sustainability strategy.

“By working with GoMore, we are relaunching the sustainability ambitions we have for the Mobility ecosystem. Our equity investment is not just a matter of trust, it also responds to the need to increase sharing models to better protect the environment. Without sustainability, there will be no European mobility ecosystem capable of contributing to the necessary reduction in CO2 emissions. GoMore has already demonstrated on many occasions its ability to offer services that meet the needs of modern mobility and promote intelligent modes of transport ”, says Gert Winter, CEO of Baloise Group.

An important partnership for sustainable transport

Developing greener means of transport is not the only way to improve the movement of people. Consideration should also be given to making better use of the capacities offered by existing vehicles. It costs several tonnes of CO2 emissions to manufacture a car which, on average in Europe, will remain immobilized for more than 23 hours a day. GoMore is convinced: To achieve sustainable individual traffic, giving mobility a return that would counterbalance the investment in CO2 that each automobile represents, it would be imperative to make more efficient use of the vehicle fleet. This is the reason why this company is constantly developing new car sharing concepts. Concepts that meet the needs of individuals, housing cooperatives and businesses and thus allow as many people as possible to forgo a private car without being restricted in their mobility. This creates added value for the customer, which at the same time has a beneficial effect on the environment.

By renting out his car, its owner opens the doors to carsharing. He enters a community where we trust each other and live – the GoMore Keyless keyless sharing technology helping – sharing his car as a very bearable experience. GoMore’s leasing section provides new, environmentally friendly cars for this, while carpooling helps people to arrive safely together while protecting the climate as much as possible.

“We have too many cars, which we operate very badly. By sharing them, we would reduce the number of owners, we would make more room for life and less for cars that we do not use. When it comes to extending carsharing to as many cars and customers as possible, Baloise, which is in exciting markets, will be an important partner, and this will ultimately help reduce the number of owners. cars ”, concludes Matias Møl Dalsgaard, CEO of GoMore.

Through its participation in GoMore, Baloise adds an important component to its ecosystem; it thus supports and accelerates the European expansion of GoMore and helps people share their cars and thereby reduce the number of car owners.

Search for other cooperation partners

Baloise’s latest investment and cooperation in the field of mobility should not be the last. This is why it recently launched the website, where interested young companies in the mobility sector can find out about cooperation with Baloise. It is also possible to download presentation files or to make an appointment to get to know each other via the site.

Other information

Contact Baloise Group

Baloise Group, Aeschengraben 21, CH-4002 Bâle


Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

Media Relations: winter: +41 58 285 82 14

Investor Relations: tel .: +41 58 285 81 81

Contact GoMore

Sauer Petersen is different

PR Manager, GoMore

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: +45 27 59 86 10


GoMore is a Danish carsharing service with operations in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Spain. Its 2.6 million members make it the leader in the Nordic sharing economy. If cars were shared, there would be fewer owners, CO2 emissions would decrease, the use of resources would improve and our planet would be better off.

The GoMore platform offers private car rental, leasing and carpooling. Private rental allows individuals to rent cars from neighbors that would otherwise be parked along sidewalks. A private rental car equipped with GoMore Keyless technology is used by an average of 12 families. Everything is managed without an ignition key via the GoMore app. Leasing allows you to have a car that you rent out when you don’t have it. These services are also intended for businesses as well as housing cooperatives and other communities. They lower both leasing costs and the climate balance sheet. As for carpooling, it makes you travel in the company of very friendly people, going in the same direction as you. This is the most social and efficient way to use a car.


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