Kai Tarkiainen : « Pas opposés à l'éventualité de revenir au calendrier »

After having introduced Rovaniemi and its surroundings to the WRC, what conclusions do you draw from this first Arctic Rally Finland, world version?

It is true that we have enabled many people to locate the city on a map while providing an overview of the region. More seriously, the results are excellent given the very short time available to us. While the race was interesting, his control was almost boring. I’m not complaining at all, but there was nothing stupid to deal with, no accidents, no interruptions … Everything went perfectly and the comments at the end of the weekend were all were excellent.

And you even had a visit from Jean Todt!

For those involved in this event, it was very nice to have him with us at this premiere.

Where did the idea to join the world calendar come from when you already had a national rally planned for January (January 15-16)?

As soon as it was certain that Sweden could not take place, the WRC promoter contacted us to find out if we might be interested.

Did it take you a long time to make up your mind?

Organizing two races so close to each other (January 15-16 and February 26-28. Editor’s note) was not easy. First we had to be sure that we had enough staff to meet all the requirements of the WRC. Even if there were no spectators to manage, it required a large workforce. By joining the staff working on Rally Finland with that of Arctic, we have settled this issue. Our local volunteers were very motivated, it was an honor for them to host the WRC. This has also led to the arrival of many newcomers eager to be part of this project.

Find the entire interview with Daniel Elena in the N ° 2304 of AUTOhebdo available in digital version.


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