is the motorway network ready for roaming electric vehicles?

Using data from the Groupement pour l’Itinérance des Recharges Électriques de Vehicles (Gireve), the French Electricity Union (UFE) has examined the current situation regarding the presence of fast-charging points on motorways in France.


Following this analysis, the organization provides drivers with a new mapping tool allowing them to assess access to recharging on high-speed axes. The map highlights, via a gradation of color, the rate of equipment of the motorways. The latter was calculated by calculating the ratio between the number of service areas with at least one charging point with a power equal to or greater than 50 kVA and the total number of service areas present on a motorway axis. As well, for the 15 main highways in terms of use, the total number of charging points is indicated.

« Thus, as of December 31, 2020, the A 11 motorway linking Paris and Nantes can be considered relatively well equipped with charging stations, thanks to the presence of 39 charging points spread over 9 existing service areas (i.e. 64% of the number total service areas) », Explains UFE.

“80% of highways remain poorly equipped with IRVE to date”

In February 2021, the Minister Delegate to the Minister of Ecological Transition, in charge of Transport Jean-Baptiste Djebbari unveiled the map of the few 400 service areas to be equipped with EVRI open to the public by 1is January 2023. As part of his project ” 100,000 terminals ”, The Government has in fact allocated a budget of 100 million euros to support the installation of fast charging stations on major roads.

In a forum dated February 16, UFE and the Association of French Motorway Companies (ASFA) have called for a more ambitious policy regarding the deployment of fast terminals on major highways in order to guarantee a trip for electric vehicle users with complete peace of mind. France must develop a real network of rapid charging stations in service areas covering the entire territory, i.e. every 50 km.

« It is indeed important to implement a long-term support system for develop the fast charging network without increasing household electricity bills by extending or increasing the level of the reduction rate and therefore the tariff for the use of public electricity networks (TURPE). »Concludes UFE.

Download the map.


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