Iris Ceramica is developing a ceramic capable of fighting Covid

No one knows yet what the post-Covid world will look like. One thing is certain, however: the attention we will pay to the health security of our environment will be increased tenfold. Manufacturers of construction materials have understood this and all work hard to ensure their products are completely harmless. In this area, the Italian specialist in ceramic surfaces Iris Ceramica has taken a step ahead.

Its Research & Development department has in fact developed a self-protective coating called “Active Surface”. To do this, the Modena-based manufacturer has approached two departments of the University of Milan: the Department of Biomedical, Surgical and Dental Sciences and the Department of Biomedical Sciences for Health. These two entities helped the Iris Ceramica teams to perfect the antiviral properties of Iris Ceramica products against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus (the strain responsible for Covid-19).

A long-standing fight for Iris Ceramica

The surface they jointly developed removes 94% of traces of the virus on its own after just four hours of exposure to even low-intensity light, such as that produced by traditional light bulbs or natural light in a medium-lit room.

Iris Ceramica has been working for a long time on this health aspect of its products. In the fight against viral risks, the company had already obtained ISO certifications (ISO 21702 and ISO 18061) for four well-known viral strains: H1N1 and H3N2, Enterovirus 71 and Poliovirus. Also in the anti-bacterial field, the Active Surface references benefit from protection against bacteria resistant to antibiotics (ISO 27447 – ISO 22196).

Eco-active surfaces against the Covid virus

Sanitation of surfaces in our immediate environment has become essential for the protection of people, not only in public spaces, but also in the workplace and at home. The Iris Ceramica group anticipated this concern by developing in 2009 a patented avant-garde technology capable of making ceramic surfaces eco-active. This self-cleaning effect is obtained by adding to the ceramic a mixture of titanium dioxide and silver which eliminates any presence of pollutants and microbial agents (viruses, bacteria, but also fungi and molds).

With this innovation with global impact, the Iris Ceramica group confirms its positioning in sectors where high performance is required such as biomedical, dentistry and aerospace.

> Active Surfaces products are available in four finishes, each with different shades, for floor coverings and two finishes for wall coverings. Information on the manufacturer’s website.

Iris Ceramica has developed wall surfaces capable of eliminating bacteria and viruses.

Kitchen made with self-cleaning surfaces.

Kitchen made with self-cleaning surfaces. Iris Ceramica


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