SPR est arrivée en février dans ses nouveaux locaux.

Working 90% for aeronautics, the Attax group, one of its four sites in Saint-Aoustrille near Issoudun, was hit hard by the crisis. Its difficulties had repercussions on its subsidiary, the Parisian Spring Company (SPR). This company specializes in the design and manufacture of all types of flat springs and cold wound wire springs, in small, medium and large series.

She works mainly for the automotive industry, but also in connectors, household appliances and buildings. Among its clients, we find companies like Brandt, Eurostyle or Heuliez.

A geographical rapprochement

The crisis precipitated its move from Veigné (Indre-et-Loire) where it had been established for about sixty years, to Issoudun. SPR moved into a 950 m2 premises in February on the site of the Business Village route de Bourges that Safran had just freed. At the beginning of April, it will invest a second adjoining room of 450 m2. A first step while waiting to be able to bring the two companies together on the same site in the medium term.

Pooling of resources

The crisis has led us to pool our resources as much as possible, explains Christophe Martin, director of SPR and of the Attax site in Saint-Aoustrille (formerly Tech-Industries). If we have been forced into a layoff plan, our goal has been to keep as much as possible the skills to be ready to leave when the crisis is over.” Concretely, two machines have been transferred from the Attax premises to those of SPR and Attax personnel are supporting the five SPR employees. The company had twenty before the crisis.

60% of SPR’s activity takes place in the automotive sector.

Not very present in aeronautics unlike Attax, SPR has regained its pre-crisis activity, thanks to household appliances and cars. The order book provides visibility over the next six months. “It’s pretty good”, Recognizes Christophe Martin.


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