Adrien Aguillon, 23 ans, a plus d'une corde à son arc.

Adrien Aguillon used to spend his days in a gym in Bourges where he coached his clients. After a one-year training at CREPS in Bourges, he obtained his professional diploma in youth, popular education and sport. and launched in March 2019 as a self-employed person starting his activity within the incubator of Cher companies, Solen Angels, for more security. “It had risen crescendo over the months. Just before the Covid, I was in full swing”, He recalls.

A few more video lessons

But in March 2020, everything stops, or almost. “I worked about ten hours a week in the Youth Meeting Points (PRJ) in the city of Bourges. The city asked me to continue. I teach live Facebook and Instagram.”If he benefits from the Solidarity Fund granted by the State, he lacks the activity and the more time passes, the farther away the prospect of an imminent reopening of sports halls.

A second activity since the start of the year

A good handyman, he got the idea of ​​creating his small multi-service company also within the Solen Angels incubator. Painting, masonry, restoration of a room, small works, it offers its services since the beginning of the year in Bourges and around twenty kilometers around, mainly to individuals.

This second activity starts well and pleases him to the point that he wonders if he will not pursue it in parallel when the gyms can reopen. “I tell myself that it’s good to have something else because I have no visibility, I don’t know when my activity as a sports coach will be able to start again. It’s good to have a plan B and another source of income ”, concludes Adrien Aguillon.


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