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The proportion of people who have developed antibodies is increasing in all age groups.

“This partial population immunity should make it possible, in addition to the vaccination program, to significantly curb the epidemic and avoid a third wave”, says the Canton.


Twenty-five percent of Vaudois are immune to the coronavirus, that is, they currently have antibodies. These people were either naturally infected or vaccinated. This percentage rose to 7% in early June and 17% in November.

“The proposal from the French-speaking Cantons to gradually reopen in March seems quite reasonable.”

Valerie D’Acremont

Avoid a third wave

These are the preliminary results of the third part of the SérocoViD * study, conducted by Unisanté as part of the national research program Corona Immunitas. “This is very good news and it will be a good brake to avoid a third wave, especially as immunity progresses markedly in all age groups, reacts Professor Valérie D’Acremont, infectious disease specialist at Unisanté. But that will not be enough to permanently control the epidemic. Vaccinating the population widely is essential. ”

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