Saturday March 27, a clandestine party was organized in the town of Macaye. The gendarmes fined 70 people, sometimes from far away. “But I want when they come that they respect us and that they especially respect the environment”, explains the mayor of the town.

Alain Dubois was having lunch quietly with his wife when he saw the commotion not far from home. “I went up and there I see a marquee, a barnum, there were motorhomes and I heard music”, says the mayor who lives not far from there. “On the way back down I saw other cars going up (…). There was a car number 67, another 14. I asked them “where are you going?” And they said to me, “we’re going to a party up there.” I asked them “but you did not see the sign below, there is a stop, it is forbidden, I ask you to turn around”. “Oh no, no, no”, the young people would have replied.

The mayor then comes into contact with the owner of the land in question. According to Alain Dubos, an acquaintance of the owner of the premises had called him to organize a party in small groups. The owner and his brother would then have gone there. They then called the mayor back to call the gendarmerie. Evacuation; led by about fifty soldiers, went smoothly.


« This type of operation with so many people yes it is the first time “, concedes Alain Dubois. “There were a few small gatherings, with around 20 people, it wasn’t too bad. I myself went to see them, it happened in a good-natured way. We explained to each other, we did a little teaching, it went well. A month ago, in fact, people settled illegally with camper vans and pitched tents. I was warned that there were about thirty people. It was a Sunday afternoon. And it’s true They had installed chemical toilets, they were there for a few days I think but we explained. I told them that with the curfew I was not going to make them leave the same evening but that they had to leave the next day, especially leaving the place clean “.

It is linked to confinement because he no longer has the possibility of going to restaurants, party halls. Young and old alike are deprived of it, even we are thirsty to meet people, to spend pleasant moments together. But when they come, I want them to respect us and above all respect the environment ”.

Alain Dubois, mayor of Macaye

Natura 2000 areas

« We are in a pastoral zone ”, reminds the city councilor. “We are in the process of carrying out important work for the preservation of this massif classified Natura 2000. We have put pastoral signs everywhere with orders taken and bans on coming with vehicles except residents and users of this. massive there. And when you see that… After that, the door is open to anything. And me it is true that the above I am sensitized. And I don’t want to let it happen. I fully understand that we need and thirst for freedom, especially young people, but we have to respect these places. These are private places. (…). The shepherds are fed up. They had setbacks last summer and will be forced to pay an employee this summer to counter incivility ».

As for the candestine party organized in Macaye this Saturday, March 27, it ended with 70 verbalizations. Each time, with a fine of 135 euros to pay.

See the report by Sabrina Corrieri and Rémi Poissonier tonight in the France 3 Euskal Herri edition


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