The Alpine F1 Team came home empty-handed from the first Grand Prix and if Fernando Alonso had an illusion at the start of the race, the level of performance of the A521 is not yet at the level of the Spanish champion’s expectations…

The Matador claims to have enjoyed his return to racing, in particular by delivering some great battles.

We know that overheating of the brakes forced his Alpine to abandon, a scoop having been blocked by… a sandwich wrapper!

Until his retirement, Alonso demonstrated his legendary brilliance, notably by reaching the top 10 in qualifying.

“I’m optimistic for the season even though it’s really tight in the middle of the peloton, analyse Fernando. At the start of the race, I stayed in contact with the McLarens, leading a Ferrari and I felt competitive in this group. “

“In qualifying, Leclerc was six tenths ahead of us, but during the Grand Prix the gap was smaller, he continues. There will be good and bad weekends depending on which circuits suit certain teams better, but we have to be confident in our potential and exploit every opportunity that presents itself. “

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