Hyundai recalls 82,000 electric vehicles at risk of catching fire

The South Korean Hyundai – Paul J. Richards AFP

US road safety authorities (NHTSA) recently recalled tens of thousands of Hyundai electric vehicles. This measure follows a dozen reports of battery fires. It is also recommended that the owners concerned do not park their car near their home or any structure likely to catch fire, reports The Verge.

The electric models targeted are the Hyundai Ioniq manufactured in 2020 and the Hyundai Kona, released in 2019 and 2020. The South Korean manufacturer announced an upcoming recall in February, citing the risk of ignition of certain batteries. In addition to these two car models, the company had indicated that the alert would also concern some of the electric buses that it manufactures.

Nearly $ 900 million

In total, around 82,000 vehicles are subject to the recall, the cost of which has been estimated by the automaker at 900 million dollars (or 766 million euros). The lithium batteries fitted to the Kona are manufactured by the South Korean LG Energy Solutions. LG Chem, parent company of this company, also supplies batteries for electric cars of the brands of the Volkswagen, General Motors and Daimler groups.

This is the second time that Hyundai’s electric Kona have been officially recalled. The precedent had, however, been of lesser magnitude. NHTSA told drivers in Ioniq and Kona that “the safest place to park is outside and away from homes and other buildings.”


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