Hyundai, M-Sport et Toyota en WRC jusqu'à fin 2024

The wait was starting to be long, even worrying. If M-Sport and Toyota had already said “yes” last summer, Hyundai left in doubt. With the Korean firm needing more time, the FIA ​​has not closed the door.

The deadlines were pushed back before disappearing as negotiations continued. The requirement of the federal body to see the brands involved for three years was one of the causes of this delay, as were the effects of the pandemic on the automotive markets.

Finally, with the next season kicking off in just nine months, Hyundai has given its okay.

« Hyundai Motorsport exists to support the global goals set by Hyundai Motor Company, providing a credible platform to showcase current and future automotive technology, said Andrea Adamo the boss of the sports branch of the manufacturer.

Thanks to circuit competitions and rallies, we are able to influence and guide the development of the road Hyundai of tomorrow. We are therefore happy to support the future direction chosen by the FIA ​​and the WRC Promoter with the new hybrid regulations from 2022.

We will develop our car around the Hyundai i20 N, itself inspired by our successes in the WRC. As double world champions, we welcome this new challenge with the intention of making Hyundai shine again in this new era. »

Manufacturers involved

For the FIA, this announcement is excellent news, as a WRC with only two competitors would have greatly lost interest. The manufacturers present agreed to sign until 2024.

Even if it is necessary to be wary of the solidity of this kind of engagements, the FIA ​​is pleased, pledging that ” this should provide more stability, better opportunities in program planning as well as a new marketable asset for all stakeholders. »

In addition, the FIA ​​is introducing an innovative partnership model in which the three teams will participate in the development costs of the technology in place for this new era with several areas of work: safety, cost control and sustainability.

Through this model, the commitment to the world championship will change in 2022 to a numerus clausus system of four parts, allocated respectively to each of the current manufacturers and to the FIA. Now that the foundations seem to be in place, the teams will have to work hard to develop their 2022 Rally1 and learn to master the hybrid system.

In the right direction

« The FIA ​​World Rally Championship is about to reach a milestone in its history with the arrival of new generation cars from 2022, said Jean Todt, President of the FIA.

This shift to plug-in hybrid technology not only reflects current trends in the automotive industry, but also helps make sport more environmentally sustainable.

This was made possible thanks to the joint efforts of the manufacturers and the FIA. The fact that the three brands currently involved have renewed their commitment for a period of three years is proof that the world rally is turned in the right direction.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this success. And this goes hand in hand with the transition to renewable energy, one of the major objectives of the FIA ​​and its ” Purpose Driven ” movement. “. The world rally still has a bright future ahead of it.


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