Stellantis will launch by the end of the year the first pickup trucks that will combine a hydrogen fuel cell system and an electric battery, said at an online press conference Xavier Peugeot, senior vice-president of the commercial vehicles business.

The group is primarily targeting the European market.

This low-emission utility offering is aimed at professional customers who frequently drive long distances and want to be able to refuel quickly. Needs that 100% electric vehicles cannot meet for the moment.

Future hydrogen vehicles will have a range of over 400 kilometers and it will be possible to refuel in less than three minutes.

The vans will be assembled at the Opel site in Russelsheim, western Germany, which centralizes Stellantis’ skills in hydrogen. The German government supported the launch of this offer to the tune of 5.6 million euros.

The vehicle tanks will be manufactured in France by Faurecia, the former subsidiary of PSA, and the fuel cells by Symbio, the hydrogen joint venture of Michelin and Faurecia.

Hydrogen, which makes it possible to produce electricity via a fuel cell while releasing only water vapor, is considered one of the avenues for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in transport, in particular for fleets of vehicles attached to a single charging station.


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