Hollywood Cars or how to bring your car to the screen

For cinema and audiovisual, Belgium is a beautiful land of welcome. Thank you to the Tax Shelter of course which reduces the taxable share of companies that invest in this sector. This activity naturally generates jobs and needs, including in the automobile sector, because production companies do not only need actors. The extra cars are also an integral part of the stories and the setting.

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In Belgium, a company, Hollywood Cars, is responsible for finding the said vehicles with, as a result, a passage on the screen and even a remuneration. The thing is obviously not easy, because the constraints imposed by the productions are often important (colors, model, year, etc.). So if you like movies, cars and have either car lying around in a garage or that can meet the criteria, go to the Hollywood Cars Facebook page where requests are published regularly. Seeing your car on TV or in the movies with, on occasion, a star at the wheel, it’s always fun. And that writes another beautiful story, especially when the program is ordered by Netflix and therefore likely to go around the world!

Want to follow Hollywood Cars? Go to their Facebook page

Three questions to Laurent Norro, from Hollywood Cars

Can you explain to us in a few words the main activity of Hollywood Cars?

It is simple. We are looking for “game vehicles” for audiovisual production companies; these often directing feature films, TV series or even commercials.

What types of vehicles do you look for more regularly?

It all depends on the script or the director’s wishes. We can be asked to find motorcycles, old or current cars, tractors, buses or even trucks … Everything is possible! Recently we had to find a logging tractor and ambulance from WWI. That is to say…

What happens when you find a vehicle?

Usually, an owner was made aware of our research through our Facebook page or through one of their contacts. If its vehicle corresponds to our request, it is then rented and insured by the production company. An inventory is of course carried out before taking the vehicle onto the platform. And, with a little luck, he will join the closed club of the machines which will have made you dream in the dark rooms or on the small screen.

Want to follow Hollywood Cars? Visit their Facebook page


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