Hamilton-Russell: generational conflict?

The 2021 season has barely begun when all eyes are already on 2022, the transfer market being fueled by the future line-up of the world champion Mercedes AMG F1 team …

We know that the 2022 championship will be marked by the introduction of new technical regulations mainly relating to a profoundly revised aerodynamics and the arrival of 18-inch tires.

Most of the teams have already decided to devote most of their resources, limited by the budgetary ceiling for the best endowed teams, to the design of their future single-seater to the detriment of the development of current cars.

Behind the scenes, we are also agitated on the possible transfers for 2022 after a market already very agitated last winter, the main uncertainty concerning the best team of the grid.

Are relations between Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton still in good shape, as team principal Toto Wolff claims, or is there water in the gas? If the defending champion manages to win an eighth world crown, will he hang up next year or continue despite everything?

It is assumed that the brand’s plan B to the star is to bring up his protégé George Russell, flawless during Hamilton’s interim at the last Sakhir Grand Prix, with Valtteri Bottas’ future presumably depending on his performance this season. . Three pairs of drivers are therefore possible: Hamilton-Bottas, Russell-Bottas or even Hamilton-Russell.

In the background of these considerations, the British press reports echoes according to which the two English pilots no longer speak to each other, their generational conflict being fueled by Wolff himself …

“First news for me, but the moods of my pilots are the least of my concerns, decrees the Austrian manager. I can imagine this budding rivalry as Russell represents the next generation while Lewis knows his days are numbered. “

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