GMC Hummer EV 2022: a fully electric comeback

GMC is resurrecting the Hummer name by introducing its first all-electric vehicle.

After advancing its intentions on the sidelines of the most recent edition of the Super Bowl, General Motors formalizes everything by unveiling this new electric-powered van.

Like the Cadillac Lyriq presented last August, the GMC Hummer EV will be equipped with the Ultium technology battery, developed in partnership with LG Chem. The latter promises a range totaling more than 560 kilometers and a recovery of 160 kilometers after 10 minutes at a fast charging station (800 volts). These data are those estimated by the manufacturer and remain to be confirmed.

As for the powertrain, the GMC Hummer EV contains three electric motors that develop an estimated power and torque of 1,000 horsepower and 11,500 pound-feet (!). The whole thing should allow to reach 97 km / h in about three seconds. All-wheel drive is standard, presented as the e4WD.

For the moment, only one version will be marketed. It will bear the name Edition 1.

A striking look

Stylistically, the Hummer EV stands out. As promised, we can remove the transparent roof panels just to roll the hair in the wind. They can be stored in the front trunk.

Its designers opted for a fairly futuristic appearance, but they also didn’t fall for the hype like Tesla did with its Cybertruck. Despite its modern lines, the Hummer EV remains comparable to gasoline pickup trucks on the market. At least that’s the case at first glance.

As also offered by the GMC Sierra, this new pickup will be equipped with the MultiPro tailgate. This can be modulated in six different ways.

Photo: GMC

Four directional wheels

Among the features that had been announced prior to the official unveiling, note the function CrabWalk. Thanks to the latter, the van will be able to move diagonally as long as it is driven at low speed. The front and rear wheels will adopt the same steering angle.

The GMC Hummer EV may be fitted with tires with a diameter of 37 inches. On the other hand, it will be delivered with tires of “only” 35 inches. GMC also promises an adaptive air suspension that will allow the vehicle to be lifted up to 149 millimeters to deliver worthy off-road capability.

Cameras everywhere

GMC has equipped its new Hummer EV with the UltraVision system which includes cameras under the body at the front and rear. The aim is to facilitate the work of locating the many obstacles encountered in off-road courses.

Moreover, the base is covered with steel plates ensuring the protection of the battery and thus limiting the damage in off-road driving. By developing this new pickup truck, GMC intended to deliver remarkable performance both on the road and off the beaten track.

On board, we will find a 13.4-inch touch screen which will be paired with a latest-generation infotainment system. As for the screen of the instrumentation under the eyes of the driver, its diagonal stretches over 12.3 inches.

Photo: GMC

Super Cruise

Until now, Super Cruise technology was only available at Cadillac within the large General Motors family. With the Hummer EV, it will be introduced for the first time at GMC.

This semi-autonomous driving system enables hands-free driving and takes care of changing lanes on selected roads and when conditions permit.

Patience, patience

Production of the GMC Hummer EV will begin at the end of 2021 at the General Motors plant in Hamtramck, Michigan. However, units intended for the Canadian market will not be built until the fall of 2022. We will therefore have to wait at least two long years before seeing this new Hummer on our roads.

At this time, the price range has not been disclosed for the Canadian market. In the US, the model will start at US $ 79,995, while the Edition 1 variant will hit $ 112,595.


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