Getting started with the Freebox Pro: a fiber box with aggressive positioning and easy to control

Xavier Niel’s operator is the latest to embark on the B2B adventure. And as usual, he breaks the prices with a price of € 39.99 per month for one year then € 49.99 for a Free Pro offer that combines fiber subscription with a Freebox Pro and mobile plan with a 5G compatible proposal. All without commitment and controllable from an interface accessible to all.

The Free Pro offer in detail

Freebox Pro: a revisited Delta designed for the pros

What’s in my box ?

The Freebox Pro recovers certain elements from the Freebox Delta, the operator’s most premium internet box. The business case incorporates 10G-EPON technology. It would be able to offer up to 7 Gbits / s in reception and 1 Gbit / s in transmission. Free also explains that the latency time has been reduced. If its Freebox Pro integrates Tri-band WiFi, it is content with WiFi 5. The company considers that this is still a good option and confirms to us that it continues to work on WiFi 6E, which would offer better performance and would support more devices simultaneously. A next version of its WiFi 6E compatible Freebox Pro is expected.

The connection part consists of an FXS port and a USB 3.0 type A port, the LAN part of four 1 Gbit Ethernet RJ45 ports and a 10 Gbits Ethernet SFP port, and the WAN part of a 10 Gbits port Ethernet for the arrival of optical fiber and a 1 Gbit / 2.5 Gbits Ethernet port reserved for the 4G modem. Two fans are positioned at the front and rear of the device.

A rackable box

For 59 euros more, you can afford the kit necessary to install the Freebox Pro in a 19-inch computer bay. Installation is possible in both directions.

Easy-to-access WiFi

To connect to the WiFi of the Freebox Pro, all you have to do is scan the QR Code on its display. Free provides a repeater and charges 40 euros for the additional repeater.

4G as a backup network

In the event of a breakdown, the Freebox Pro offers a 4G backup service at no additional cost called Business Continuity. When we got started, the operator simulated an outage and it only took a few seconds for the system to automatically switch to the mobile network without losing any data packets. Free plans to offer a 5G solution.

Secure connection and data

For enhanced security, the Free box has the new WPA3 protocol and guests benefit from a WiFi network separate from the internal network.

The operator believes that company data is too scattered and therefore proposes to centralize everything within a NAS. The Freebox Pro can accommodate two 1TB hard drives. It is of course possible to add other units.

To prevent data loss, data is automatically duplicated in a cloud based in three data centers in three different regions. The Free Pro offer includes a basic space of 200 GB. Allow an additional 2 euros for each extension of 200 GB. This same cloud will allow you to find the configuration of your Freebox Pro on another Freebox Pro if it no longer works. The Pro package also includes a firewall and a VPN service to guarantee NAS access outside the local network.

A smart box

The Freebox Pro is continuously self-diagnostic. To do this, it uses a whole series of sensors that send data on its operation to the supervision centers via a second independent low-speed network. The operator undertakes to provide answers in less than 8 hours.

Two landlines with unlimited calls abroad

The Free offer comes with two fixed lines with unlimited calls to mobiles in mainland France, the French overseas departments and territories, Canada, China, the United States and to landlines in more than 100 destinations.

Free Pro 5G: a 5G compatible offer tailored for the international market

Each Freebox Pro customer receives 10 SIM cards but only one line is included in the Free Pro offer. Each additional line will cost you 9.99 euros per month.

The Free Pro 5G mobile plan includes a 5G / 4G + envelope of 150 GB of data to spend in mainland France, 25 GB to use from more than 70 destinations, unlimited calls to mobiles and landlines in mainland France, USA, Canada, China , DOM and to landlines in 100 destinations as well as unlimited calls, SMS and MMS from Europe / DOM and to landlines and mobiles in mainland France, Europe and DOM. Compared to the Free package for the general public billed at 19.99 euros per month, there are two new destinations: Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Free prides itself on having the largest 5G network in France (as of March 1, 2021) with 7,044 active sites and covering nearly 50% of the population. But most of these sites use the 700 MHz band which offers good range but speeds close to 4G +. 562 sites are based on the 3.5 GHz band, synonymous with better speeds but with a more limited range.

An accessible interface

Free allows you to manage and configure the Pro offer from a very clear and easy-to-use customer area. We start with the interface of the Freebox Pro on which it is possible to consult the state of health of the box.

By continuing to the right, you can configure your internal and guest WiFi networks: change of SSID and WiFi key, generation of a WiFi key and a QR Code for guests, modification of the expiration date or suspension of network access and deactivation.

In the “Storage” tab, we find the SSD disks grafted onto the Freebox Pro and the space consumed on each unit. This is also where you can manage your cloud and manually synchronize your files with it if the synchronization is not automatic.

The “Firewall” and “VPN” sections are just as easy to navigate. A few clicks are all it takes to adjust the various parameters.

Mobile plans subscribed with the internet box are displayed in the “My Free Pro Mobile Fleet” section. In addition to the number and the name of the owner of the line, the interface makes it possible to consult the consumption from France, from abroad as well as the out of bundle.

The threshold of the latter can be modified in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. You can also add additional lines and, if necessary, request additional SIM cards.

What we think

It is undeniable, the Free Pro formula is financially the most interesting since it allows itself to include a 5G / 4G + mobile line in addition to its excellent fixed offer. It also grants you a certain freedom in the sense that it does not impose any commitment unlike Orange and Bouygues Telecom subscriptions (no commitment for the SFR Fiber Power Pro offer at € 43 incl. We also appreciate the simplicity of the customer area to configure its equipment and services in a few clicks. Note that to subscribe to the Free Pro offer, you must have a SIRET number.

The Free Pro offer in detail


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