Garage James Lefebvre opens a new multi-brand site in Longueau

Garage James Lefebvre has just moved into a new multi-brand site in Longueau (Somme), which brings together Kia, Mazda, Suzuki and Land Rover.

Photo credit: Garage Lefebvre / Archipel 41

James Lefebvre Automobiles is entering a new phase in its history with the opening of its new multi-brand site located in Longueau, in the eastern suburbsAmiens (Sum). After forty years spent at Dury, in the southern suburbs of Amiens, the new establishment has just opened its doors Monday March 29. It brings together brands That, Mazda, Suzuki and Land Rover in several dedicated spaces. A long facade in two parts brings together the brands Kia, Mazda and Suzuki on one side, while the other side is reserved for Land Rover. The company also represents the brand Jaguar as authorized repairer. Each brand has its own showroom and facade signage according to its own standards. The new building is not limited to a succession of exhibition halls since it houses an important activity of mechanical and of body.

Confined move

The health situation in the Hauts-de-France did not prevent the new site from opening its doors on Monday March 29. The activity therefore continues in after-sales but also by appointment in the new showrooms of the site. In other circumstances, the opening of such an establishment would have represented a moment of meeting with many customers, in particular within the framework of a festive inauguration. However, the period is not favorable for the festivities.


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