Ford Mustang |  Technology: increasingly intelligent electric vehicles

Voice recognition, artificial intelligence, high-speed Internet access on the road: ten years ago, these technologies were still the domain of science fiction. Today, these are common options. What can we expect from the electric vehicles of tomorrow? The upcoming arrival of Ford’s Mustang Mach-E – a fully electric SUV – offers an excellent preview.

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A digital traveling companion

Meet SYNC 4A, the digital assistant that’s always by your side aboard the Mustang Mach-E. Well tamed, he recognizes his master’s voice and obeys your orders in both French and English, speaking naturally. You can also interact with it from the steering wheel controls or a futuristic 15.5-inch touchscreen. Deploying the full force of cloud connectivity, it can play your favorite music, find the nearest charging station, turn on the air conditioning or offer you the best route. By getting to know you, he will be able to highlight the features you use most often.

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The key to the future: your phone

When equipped with the FordPass ™ app, your smartphone can do everything a car key would do – and more. Lock and unlock the doors, start the engine remotely, open the tailgate, locate your vehicle in a large parking lot… Being its rider, all you have to do is approach the Mustang Mach-E for it to recognize you and Automatically adjusts the seats, rearview mirror, radio, ambient lighting and dashboard to your preferences. She will even have the courtesy of opening the door for you, with the push of a button.

A customizable driving environment

Whether you’re embarking on a scenic route along the river or making a simple stop at the grocery store, the driving spirit is not the same. It is therefore only natural that the Mustang Mach-E adapts to it. The center console allows fine-tuning of parameters like ambient lighting as well as audio magic recreating the distinctive roar of a Mustang “engine” and the sound of acceleration. Do you prefer the sweetness of Whisper (whisper), the character of Engage (captivating) or the supercharged experience of Unbridled (unbridled)?

Remote updates

Computers have long since rejected disks and floppy disks: isn’t it time for electric vehicles to do the same? Most Mustang Mach-E on-board computer updates can be performed remotely, via the cloud, for owners with access to FordPass Connect service and where network coverage permits. The various functions of the vehicle can thus be improved and perfected while reducing the frequency of your trips to the dealership.

Smart security

Equipped with Ford Co-Pilot360 ™ technology, the Mustang Mach-E offers a range of features to ensure your safety. In addition to the essential systems such as pre-collision assistance with autonomous emergency braking, lane monitoring and the blind spot information system with cross traffic alert, a few innovations stand out.

Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control can not only adjust cruising speed according to traffic, but also keep the vehicle in the center of the lane and recognize speed signs. The available 360-degree camera projects an aerial view of your vehicle onto the center console, allowing you to maneuver at low speed between obstacles.

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