La Ford Fiesta Rally3 homologuée

It had started in competition in Finland earlier in the year, it is now approved to be aligned at the start of the rallies of the 2021 calendar.

In development for several months, the Ford Fiesta Rally3, the first one built to meet this new regulation of a four-wheel drive car inserted between the two-wheel drive Rally4 and the more efficient Rally2, received its final FIA homologation.

M-Sport can thus boast of offering a version of its Fiesta in every category, from Rally5 to the current WRC. Rally3 is mainly expected in the ERC rounds this year, with the Under-28 Drivers’ Championship contested with this type of car.

“The very first Rally3 car has now been homologated and is M-Sport badged, recalls Malcolm Wilson, head of the Dovenby Hall entity. From the start of the draft regulations, we were determined to support this category as it will offer many opportunities for young people in national championships.

Reliable and economical cars are needed more than ever to ensure smooth progression for drivers and also for those looking to race with four-wheel drive cars with reduced running costs. Without a doubt, we will see more brands joining us, which I am really looking forward to. “

Indeed, only M-Sport is currently involved in the category. However, several manufacturers have a Rally4 in their range (Rally3 being largely based on the latter), in particular Peugeot and Renault in the coming weeks, and which could thus develop a level potentially leading to become the ideal entry point in 4×4 in rally.


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