Fisker and Foxconn join forces to develop PEAR, the electric car of tomorrow

If the Apple car is not about to see the light of day, Fisker is already imagining the car of tomorrow in partnership with Foxconn.

The supposed (and fantasized) Apple car has been in the news regularly in recent days. If alliances fall apart one by one, it’s Fisker’s turn to decide on the car of tomorrow. To achieve this, the manufacturer has just signed a partnership with Foxconn, one of Apple’s main suppliers.

The electric car brand and the electronics giant are therefore joining hands to jointly develop the PEAR project, to Personal Electric Automotive Revolution. No further indication has been given regarding this project, but Fisker is already announcing the arrival of a new vehicle segment.

Fisker Ocean 2020

Production launched in 2023

The manufacturer has unveiled a first sketch in order to keep the interested parties patient. What to discover a vehicle finally high on wheels, which should approach the SUV segment. The overhangs would be reduced, while the stern could adopt a silhouette reminiscent of the Citroën Ami 6. There are references that cannot be forgotten.

Foxconn, which will provide its expertise in on-board technologies, will also ensure the production of the vehicle, which should start at the end of 2023 probably in Chinese factories. At present, the group has announced a production volume of 250,000 copies per year, which should be marketed in the main world markets.


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