Doublé pour Mirage Racing à Nogaro

Mirage Racing signed the double in FFSA GT on Monday, Rodolphe Wallgren and Gaël Castelli pocketing the second round of Nogaro weekend, like the day before.

After having easily retained his preferred position at the start, Jim Pla began his recital by escaping against the tandem Vincent Beltoise (Alpine A110 GT4 n ° 13 – Mirage Racing) and Simon Gachet (Mercedes-AMG GT4 n ° 81 – AKKA-ASP ).

The latter finally found the opening after eight minutes of racing, overtaking in two stages after braking the turn of the School. Beltoise then lost a place against his teammate Gaël Castelli (Alpine A110 GT4 n ° 222 – Mirage Racing), winner yesterday in race 1.

While the salvo of driver changes begins, Simon Gachet encounters a technical problem with the suspension on his Mercedes-AMG GT4 n ° 81 and must evolve at low speed before stopping at the edge of the track, leaving the two Alpine – Mirage Racing climb one row on the provisional podium.

Pla pushes his stint as much as possible, which allows Jean-Luc Beaubelique to take the lead again with more than 10 “of margin ahead of Rodolphe Wallgren and Romano Ricci, respective runners of Gaël Castelli and Vincent Beltoise on the A110 of Mirage Racing.

Embarrassed by late pilots in his start of the stint, Beaubelique saw Wallgren come back with great strides. The race was however neutralized under Full Course Yellow a little more than 17 ‘from the finish, following Nicolas Gomar’s exit from the track (Aston Martin Vantage GT4 n ° 89 – AGS Events).

Enough to bring together the entire peloton and revive the suspense for the end of the race. On resumption, Beaubelique always precedes Wallgren, but the latter finally found the opening in the last minutes to win for the second consecutive time this weekend in the general and in Pro-Am.

Romain Leroux and Valentin Hasse-Clot (Aston Martin Vantage GT4 n ° 7 – AGS Events) finish second and first in Silver, ahead of Stéphane Lémeret – Matteo Herrero (Alpine A110 GT4 n ° 110 – CMR), 2nd in Silver.

Jean-Luc Beaubelique saves 4th place in the race and 2nd in Pro-Am and precedes Paul Evrard and Timothé Buret (Mercedes-AMG GT4 n ° 88 – AKKA-ASP), who complete the podium in Silver. Romano Ricci and Vincent Beltoise enter the top three in Pro-Am.

Jean-Charles Rédélé, son of Jean Rédélé, won his first Am success alongside Laurent Coubard on the Alpine A110 GT4 n ° 76 – Bodemer Auto.

Discover the full report of Nogaro’s Easter Cups, produced by our special envoys in the Gers, in AUTO n ° 2306weekly, available this evening in digital version and from this Wednesday on newsstands.


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