Fatal accident in Koekelberg in 2019: the driver was tried last December

The driver who drove the car, in the accident that killed Dariana Palcau in 2019 in Koekelberg, was tried by the police court.

Remember, in March 2019: Dariana Palcau, 30, was fatally run over by a car on a crosswalk on Avenue de Jette, Koekelberg, by a young driver. Two cars had stopped to let her pass when a third vehicle had passed them on the right while rolling on the cycle path, then hitting the young woman who had been thrown several meters away. The driver had not fled at the time, and requested that help be called.

The death of Dariana Palcau had aroused a lot of emotions within the town, provoking political and civic reactions, in particular the creation of the collective 1081/0. Several dozen residents had also gathered to lay flowers on the crosswalk and draw with chalk.

Reportage | In Koekelberg, dozens of people gathered to pay homage to Dariana, mown on a pedestrian crossing (04/07/2019)

An investigation was launched, during which it was revealed that no occupant of the vehicle was in possession of a valid driver’s license.

The driver was tried

The driver of the vehicle, a 21-year-old Jettois today, who was not under the influence that morning, unlike other occupants of the vehicle, was tried last December, said Wednesday The capital.

Article | Fatal accident in Koekelberg: the vehicle owner’s license had been withdrawn (06/05/2019)

Defended by Me Bruno Dayez, he said he regretted the facts. The court noted that “the accident (found) undoubtedly its cause in the dangerousness of the adopted behavior which breaks down into several behaviors reproachful“.

The young driver was sentenced to a self-employment penalty of 300 hours, a fine of 4,000 euros and a probationary period of 3 years, as well as a forfeiture of the right to drive any motor vehicle for a period of 7 years.

ArBr – Photo: Belga (screenshot)


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