F1 four-wheel drive in 2025?

Formula 1 has not yet made its technical revolution scheduled for the 2022 season that it is already thinking of that of 2025.

As we know, the Formula 1 world championship will undergo its technical revolution next year. This new regulation should produce more spectacular F1 cars, bring more overtaking on the track and above all allow to reshuffle the cards after seven years of uninterrupted Mercedes domination.

These new rules should remain in force for four years, before the introduction of all new technical and engine regulations by 2025 which will aim to make Formula 1 greener.

« We are convinced that fuel will remain at the heart of mobility in the near future and, of course, in its sustainable form. »Comments Nikolas Tombazis, technical director at the FIA, at the site RacingNews365.

« We want to become a completely carbon neutral sport, and that requires a fully sustainable fuel. The world is turning more and more to hybridization and this must be reflected in Formula 1 as well. »

« What we set out for ourselves is to have a good idea of ​​the 2025 powertrain specification for this summer and a reasonably complete definition of the rest of the 2025 car in 2022. »Details Tombazis.

« We believe that the time has come for constructive discussions between the FIA, Formula 1, the teams, the engine manufacturers and the oil companies. There are some important collegial decisions to be made about fundamental aspects of the 2025 car during this process – for example do we want to have two or four wheel drive, or more active aerodynamics? »

« All these discussions must start now if we are to live up to our ambitions for 2025, both from a chassis and engine point of view. »

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