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CONFERENCE – Let’s dream a little: in the megalopolises of 2049, will we be done with crowded public transport at rush hour, with cars running on gasoline or diesel, with individual driving and traffic jams. An idyllic vision? In any case, the urban transport of tomorrow will be carbon-free, intelligent and personalized. The technologies exist, the demand is taking off. But what will the vehicles and services of this soft mobility look like: cars for living? Autonomous electric taxis? Flying gear? River shuttles? Smart scooters, tricycles or bikes? Adaptive routes based on artificial intelligence?

Experts, entrepreneurs and industrialists design for the 2049 conference of L’Obs the paths of mobility of the future.

The HuffPost take part in this evening of online debate on April 8, 2021 at 6.30 p.m.. We will discuss the possible futures for the flying cars that make us dream so much with our science journalist Matthieu Balu, author of this report on the subject, and the expert Vincent Josephine. Sign up for free here.


  • Opening

    Dominique Nora, editor-in-chief 2049
  • Patrick Pelata

    Conservation with Patrick Pelata, consultant
  • “Flying cars” tomorrow?
    video followed by a conversation with Vincent Josephine, director of strategy and innovation consulting activities at Starburst in France
    Hosted by Matthieu Balu, journalist at HuffPost
  • Move around town

    Virginie Boutueil, researcher, deputy director of the City Mobility Transport Laboratory (LVMT)
    Frank Marotte, General Manager Toyota France
    Jules Trecco, entrepreneur, co-founder of the intelligent electric bike Angell
    Moderated by Dominique Nora, editor-in-chief 2049
  • Video

    Inclusive mobility
    Portrait of Charlotte Alaux, paraplegic and inspiring entrepreneur
  • The benchmark of International mail

    What’s happening in the United States, in Asia, elsewhere in Europe
    Slideshow commented by Arnaud Aubron, President of Courrier international

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