evolving concept car at the Geneva Motor Show

(Update 03/02/2020 at 3:15 p.m.) Renault Morphoz (2020) – Before the ramp-up of its production, the future Losange electric platform do some stretching. An elegant warm-up embodied by this concept car called Renault MorphoZ.

In the footsteps of Volkswagen

At Volkswagen, we have been announcing the arrival of a wide range of electric models since 2016 with a lot of concept cars. From the compact to the SUV, including the buggy or the large sedan, the German firm has meticulously leafed through its strategy with the general public, before launching into the deep end. This will soon be the case with the launch, in the spring, of the Volkswagen ID.3 which will constitute the first stone to this building.

Architecture variable

At Renault, we are aiming for such a design, but there is no question of hanging around. Pressed for time, the Losange gives us its vision of the future in one and the same episode, on the occasion of the Geneva Motor Show. For signify the arrival of a multitude of silhouettes, the style boss, Laurens van den Acker, imagined a variable geometry architecture for Renault MorphoZ. Half-sedan, half-SUV 100% electric, it stretches from 4.40 m to 4.80 m in length, according to the needs of its passengers. Its bow can extend a few centimeters to accommodate additional batteries (up to 90 kWh), and consider 700 km of autonomy. The same applies to the rear, to increase the trunk volume.

Stop the proliferation of screens

However, this innovative modularity has no chance of passing the industrial course, for obvious cost reasons. It is mainly a communication object for the future CMF-EV electric modular base, able to offer several configurations of power, battery capacity and therefore range, but also roominess and boot space. As it stands, Morphoz already offers a great optimization of its interior space, with a generous wheelbase of 2.93 m which benefits passenger comfort.

The atmosphere is shared, in this detoxified cocoon endless multimedia screens. At least they know how to be discreet, like the foldable handset housed in the dashboard, or the slab hidden on the central beam serving as a low table, between the passengers. The passenger seated next to the driver can cleverly tilt their chair to converse with the rear of the vehicle. So, the backrest becomes seated, and vice versa. But it is obviously necessary to get out of the vehicle in order to proceed with the maneuver.

The style of future Renault in filigree

Externally, Renault Morphoz also announces future developments in home design, without upsetting the codes. The light signatures tell us about the trends that the next models of the former Régie will adopt, while the lines gain in dynamism. The black pavilion, with reduced glass surfaces, may be the style orientation chosen for the second generation of Kadjar, end of 2021, inspired by Peugeot 3008. Anyway, we must expect less curved surfaces, in the years to come, in favor of tighter lines.

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