Afin d’investir dans de nouveaux moyens industriels, Euro-Shelter avait besoin de s’installer dans une zone à usage industriel durable. « Seul le site de La Janais permet de se projeter dans du long terme » précise la PME rennaise.

The La Janais industrial center of excellence, historically linked to the automotive sector, will soon host a first large establishment with the installation in 2021 of the Rennes-based company Euro-Shelter on 6,000 m2. Manufacturer of units and mobile shelters for military use (radar platform, command post, medical units, etc.), this subsidiary of Toutenkamion Group (3 sites in France, 235 employees) will move into an existing building after adaptation work carried out by Eiffage Travaux Services. It is the first company to set up on the landholding acquired in December 2020 from Stellantis (formerly the PSA group) by Eiffage Aménagement.

Until now located in the district of La Courrouze, the SME of 39 employees (5 million euros of turnover) wanted to move to develop the new offer for civil use which will be unveiled in a few months, hardly compatible with the buildings and the residential environment of the area. In order to invest in new industrial resources, including a welding robot allowing continuous welds to be carried out over more than twelve meters, it needed to settle in an area with sustainable industrial use. ISO-14001 certified, Euro-Shelter also says it is determined to “ reduced its carbon footprint by reconfiguring the space in its workshops ».

« With the transfer to Janais, Euro-Shelter will be able to continue its development while preserving local salaried employment relying on welders, fitter-integrators, engineers, support functions. Only the La Janais site allows us to plan for the long term », Specifies the SME.

Smart mobility and sustainable construction

For Rennes Métropole, this project marks a new stage in the structuring of the place and reinforces the industrial vocation of La Janais. On this site dedicated to reindustrialisation since 2015, after the land agreement concluded between Rennes Métropole, the departmental and regional authorities and PSA, Euro-Shelter will join the companies B3 Ecodesign (modular houses), Schneider (SEBT) and the SNCF technicentre. La Janais, which aims to be a showcase for ecological transition, is particularly oriented towards the sectors of intelligent and carbon-free mobility and sustainable construction.

As part of its rebound plan, unveiled last October, Rennes Métropole has also planned to provision 30 million euros over five years to support the transformation of strategic sectors, such as the automobile. To promote the establishment of new factories on the PSA La Janais site in the fields of new mobility and sustainable building, the industrial center of excellence project will be endowed with 5 million euros. 2.5 million decarbonisation aid will go to the automotive sector.

“The Janais is the industrial heart of our territory. It has to stay that way. The communities, and with us the industrialists and the State, have for many years the ambition to make it the showcase of the industry of tomorrow. After the planning phase, we move into the operational phase and I am delighted to see the projects come to fruition ”, welcomed Nathalie Appéré, mayor of Rennes and president of Rennes Métropole after the announcement of the installation of Euro-Shelter.

In 2017, the State confirmed the territory’s ambitions in the form of a metropolitan pact mobilizing 7.1 million euros to finance innovative projects. In 2020, it selected the cluster among the first “turnkey industrial sites”.

Eiffage Aménagement sells new buildings

The industrial center of excellence is developed over 53 hectares by Territoires Publics, a developer appointed by Rennes Métropole for the Zac de La Janais, and over 21 hectares by Eiffage Aménagement in the municipalities of Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande and Chartres from Brittany.

Located in the western sector of the carmaker’s production site, the Eiffage right-of-way includes several buildings and parking areas. Realized last December, the project of the Eiffage Construction subsidiary provides for the conservation of two buildings with a total surface area of ​​56,000 m2 and the maintenance of the activities of the occupying companies. Eiffage Immobilier will also be mobilized to develop an industrial activity zone of 40,000 m2 with planted space. The marketing of the first new buildings will begin this year with a view to delivery in 2023.


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