Esteban Ocon : « Tout s’est bien déroulé »

The only Alpine representative on the Sakhir track this Friday, Esteban Ocon had a busy schedule. Taking advantage of this first opportunity to drive, his team sent him to coal and the Normand responded with 129 laps on his clock.

« Everything went well today (Friday). It’s a very good day for our return to school, relates the Norman. The whole team has shown solidity. We easily completed the program and we even had the time to make pitstop tests which allowed us to get back into a race situation. ».

Fourth at the lunch break, Esteban Ocon scavenged a small place in the afternoon. Only Lando Norris (McLaren) and Max Verstappen (Red Bull) beat him on the track. ” We were able to string together some good laps. We understood everything we wanted to accomplish and that’s what we need during these days of testing.

We also faced different weather conditions: the heat this morning and then the gusts of winds before the sandstorm. It was very interesting. We did everything we needed to. Can’t wait to get back in the car on the weekend ».

The second day will start this Saturday at 8:00 am (French time) and will be followed on AUTOhebdo. Esteban Ocon will find the A521 on Sunday for the first session before handing the wheel to Fernando Alonso.


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