[En images] With the M.Vision, Hyundai unveils two curious electric vehicle concepts

Hyundai Mobis presents two unusual vehicles. This Hyundai Motor Group subsidiary, responsible for manufacturing the group’s auto parts, has unveiled two self-driving car models called M.Vision X and M.Vision Pop. Between entertainment and the advent of the smartphone in driving, this is what these two electric vehicles look like.

M.Vision X for entertainment

With four seats, the M.Vision X has an autonomous driving cockpit and a cabin unlike any other … All windows can be transformed into a 360-degree screen displaying a special theme (Virtual Space Wall), but also games or sports performances! The different screens can be separated: some passengers can use the traditional function of the transparent window to enjoy the view to the outside while others use theirs as a screen.



The second feature of the M.Vision is the vertical cockpit placed in the center of the car. This offers a 28-inch screen on each of the four sides. Touchless gesture recognition functions allow control of driving or entertainment related functions.

Above the M.Vision X. All photo credits: Hyundai Mobis

M.Vision Pop for those who cannot park

The M.Vision Pop model offers two seats and above all four wheels turning 180 degrees. This arrangement opens up multiple possibilities of movement for the vehicle, which is capable of performing a rotation on itself. A particularly useful technology for parking since there is no need to perform any maneuver.

The M.Vision Pop comes with a solution linked to the driver’s smartphone to control the car. “The smartphone becomes the cockpit of the automobile. The smartphone’s navigation screen interacts with the vehicle’s front display », specifies Hyundai Mobis in its press release.

The M.Vision Pop will be released within the next five years, but no date has been announced for the M.Vision X.


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