Electro-Mob alerts on the subscription trap

An installer specializing in charging stations, Electro-Mob offers simple, subscription-free offers to condominiums. Explanations!

While going through a third-party operator to build, manage and operate a network of charging stations is often considered by condominiums, the solution is far from being the most economical, the most rewarding and the most flexible in the long term. . Specialized in the installation of charging stations, Electro-Mob warns about these solutions which involve the subscription to a subscription which weighs down the end of the month of the users!

Stop preconceived ideas!

« Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to take out a subscription to be able to install a condominium charging station ” underlines Electro-Mob which figures the financial consequences for the user. ” When a third-party operator operates your charging station, they are free to decide on the pricing per kWh. Recharging without subscription costs you € 0.15 / kWh against € 0.50 if you opt for remote management ”. A price that includes a margin on the kWh, but also invoicing linked to management and supervision. An additional cost which is not negligible in the end.

Three formulas to equip your copro without subscription

To meet all types of needs, Electro-Mob offers solutions without subscription. Based on investment, these are divided into three main formulas:

  • Balanced which consists in installing a pre-equipment downstream of the meter of the common parts. Checked upstream by an Electro-Mob expert, the installation allows each co-owner to install their own charging station with the manufacturer of their choice. ” Each recharging solution has a MID sub-meter enabling energy consumption to be measured independently, hence the ease of management for the property manager. », Underlines Electro Mob.

  • Fullness where the pre-equipment is installed downstream of a new meter dedicated to the terminals. A preferred solution if the meter already installed in the common areas is not powerful enough or if the property manager wishes to more easily distinguish the consumption linked to recharging through a specific delivery point connected to MID sub-meters. This configuration offers the advantage of avoiding any risk of saturation of general services. It can also be associated with energy control to better distribute the power available during simultaneous recharging.

  • Harmony carried out in partnership with Enedis, the operation consists of extending the public electricity network by installing a horizontal column dedicated to charging infrastructure. In this scenario, each resident has their own meter and charging station directly in their parking space. This allows him to choose his energy supplier and to manage his consumption himself without any intervention by the property manager. Praised by many players, this solution is presented as the most suitable for large-scale deployment. For its part, Electro-Mob undertakes with the trustee and Enedis to conduct the study free of charge and without obligation. The first horizontal column in Paris was also installed by Electro-Mob.

A moderate investment and valued assets

« The collective charging solutions offered by Electro-Mob are based on a minimal investment for the installation of a pre-equipment – 50 € per co-owner or even less when we go through the meter of the common areas since the infrastructure is already installed in the ‘building », Underlines Electro-Mob.

An economical but also rewarding offer for the co-ownership since the pre-equipment becomes the property of the building and brings added value to the property of each co-owner. A strong argument when reselling!

Financial aid to pass the course

Qualifelec IRVE certified, Electro-Mob ensures the connection and installation of the equipment. A sine qua non condition for claiming funding from the Advenir program, which offers many aids for condominiums:

  • For a collective request with pre-equipment, the financing corresponds to 50% of the cost of the work with a limit set at € 15,000 per condominium.
  • For a individual request, the maximum amount of aid climbs to € 960 per load point, limited to 50% of the cost of the investment.

For more information: https://www.electro-mob.com/

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