Photos du jour : Dodge Challenger SRT8 ( Cars and Coffee Paris)

Having a Muscle Car is good, but it is not necessarily enough to come out of the crowd!

Imagine your dear neighbor bought, say, a Dodge Challenger SRT8. The man has good taste for sure, but you who dreamed of the same car, you are a little cold… Where is the effect of surprise?

Fortunately, the American manufacturers think of everything with limited series for all Muscle Cars! Dodge is no exception to the rule, and took the opportunity to update a concept dating back 43 years: the Yellow Jacket.

As its name suggests, the 2012 SRT is externally adorned with a unique yellow tint called Stinger Yellow, an old school style black side stripe and specific anthracite rims. The interior is the same, with stitching appearing on the seats.

The timing was right to relaunch this model, when Chevrolet is surfing the Bumblebee phenomenon with its Camaro!

Under the hood, we find the V8 Hemi 392, or 6.4 liters for us, of 470 horsepower! Send the sauce to the rear wheels via the manual gearbox (the car is also available), must always give value for its money …

Either way, it makes the Challenger even more desirable. Having driven all the latest American steroids in the past few years, this one is my favorite. The reason is simple: it is the one that most closely resembles the Muscle Car spirit. The chassis is healthy and considerate (the limits are easily reached, but that does not take a bet!), The thrust is physical and the noise is absolutely exceptional.

Add to that an outrageous look, and you have a perfectly successful comeback for an unforgettable Muscle Car.


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