Distribution: Seat in Morocco now in the bosom of CAC

Representative of the Volkswagen Group in the Kingdom and holder of the cards Audi, Bentley, Porsche, Skoda et Volkswagen, the Central Automobile Chérifienne (CAC) has just added a new string to its bow. It becomes from 1is April running the exclusive importer of Seat.

The information was unofficial and had animated the Moroccan automotive microcosm for several months. Here it becomes official. CAC now has the Seat card in its catalog. As a reminder, the Barcelona brand was until now owned by the vehicle distribution holding company Mutandis Automobile SCA via its subsidiary Univers Motors, the importer among others of Honda and Seat.

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It should be noted that this local grouping under the leadership of CAC is part of a well-crafted international development strategy implemented by the owner of the Barcelona brand, namely Volkswagen. It consists of enabling the German automotive group to face the challenges currently facing the automotive industry, whether in terms of energy transition, digitalization as well as the development of the autonomous car, and above all to bring it about. to review its strategic alliances by country as was the case in Morocco. In addition, the pandemic linked to Covid-19 has obviously accelerated any need for synergy.

A partnership that should allow Seat to benefit from the stability and financial capacity of CAC in Morocco. With 91 years of experience in the automotive sector, the automotive group dear to Victor El Baz underlines in a press release that it has made available to its brands a trained and highly qualified human capital, in addition to a territorial network to international standards. , without forgetting the expertise of its partners built over the years and which today covers 95% of the market.

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It should be noted that to complete its range of products, CAC will benefit from the dynamism and vitality of the Seat brand, much appreciated in the Kingdom, and which targets a demanding clientele. It will be considered as the gateway to the Volkswagen group, with a conquest rate of 56%. And for its integration into CAC, a product plan studied and adapted to the demand of the Moroccan customer has been put in place with the ambition to make the latest innovations from Seat accessible, notably with over-equipped versions with a good quality ratio. -price. In addition, in its strategy of reconquering the Moroccan market, Seat is actively working on a development plan which began recently with a call for candidates to ensure effective representation in the largest cities of Morocco.


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