Dell Technologies Combines AI and Edge Computing with New Generation of PowerEdge Servers

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Dell Technologies launches its new line of Dell EMC PowerEdge servers. With this announcement, Dell is paving the way for a fully autonomous infrastructure with advanced computing that combines efficiency, AI adoption and processing of IT requests at the edge.

This range of servers, world leader[1], gives businesses the power to get real-time insight into and act on any data, from main data centers to public clouds to edge sites. The 17 new PowerEdge servers offer unparalleled performance and benefit from the contribution of 1,100 patents owned or registered by Dell.

“Data is created and used all over the world, with companies needing to process it as quickly as possible,” said Jeff Boudreau, President and General Manager, Infrastructure Solutions Group at Dell Technologies. “Imagining the future of IT and promoting advanced automation go hand in hand, regardless of the infrastructure involved and its location. Our new PowerEdge servers provide the performance and capabilities needed to help businesses speed up their data processing, while putting the entire industry on the path to autonomous computing. “

Autonomous computing helps companies to fully design a self-deployed, self-provisioned and self-managed infrastructure. Today, with Dell EMC OpenManage Enterprise, PowerEdge Servers and Systems Management Save Up to, on Average, 85% of Time and Eliminate Dozens of Steps Through Automation[2].

The performance of the new PowerEdge servers allows businesses to reach their goals faster. Finally, leveraging the latest technologies from AMD and Intel, the new PowerEdge servers deliver the computing power needed for the most critical business workloads and applications. More concretely

PowerEdge R6515, featuring 3rd Generation AMD EPYC ™ processors, boosts data processing capabilities by up to 60% in Big Data Hadoop databases[3],
The PowerEdge R750, equipped with 3rd generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, offers up to 43% better performance in solving linear and massively parallel equations.[4], while handling the heaviest workloads.
Artificial intelligence for the most data-intensive workloads

PowerEdge servers now feature PCIe Gen 4.0 technology, which doubles throughput performance compared to the previous generation. They also include up to six accelerators per server to support the most demanding and data-intensive workloads. These technologies, combined with the autonomous intelligence of PowerEdge, make it the most artificial intelligence-oriented range to date, allowing companies to anticipate and respond more quickly to their needs.

The new range includes two new servers optimized for accelerators

Unmatched performance for AI workloads, the PowerEdge XE8545 powers the latest HPC Ready solution for AI and data analytics, making it easy to run AI, analytics and compute workloads advanced on a single system. The PowerEdge XE8545 combines up to 128 3rd Generation AMD EPYC processor cores, four NVIDIA A100 GPUs and the optimized performance of NVIDIA vGPU software in a 4U dual socket rack server.

Designed specifically to improve acceleration performance, the PowerEdge R750xa server delivers GPU-dense performance for machine learning, inference, and AI that includes the recently announced NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite for VMware vSphere 7 Update 2. The 2U dual-socket server is powered by 3rd generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and supports up to four double-wide GPUs and six single-wide GPUs.

XR11 and XR12: Rugged, Shallow-Depth Servers for Performance and Durability

Designed for remote and complex environments, the new line now integrates PowerEdge XR11 and XR12 rugged servers to combine performance, security and durability. With a rugged chassis and minimal footprint, coupled with support for multiple accelerators, the XR11 and XR12 Shallow Depth Servers are designed to meet the demands of Edge workloads.

Built-in, not locked, security for end-to-end protection

For international companies, data privacy and cybersecurity are the main concerns in digital transformation. [5]. Built with a cyber-resilient architecture and silicon root of trust, the new PowerEdge family offers a comprehensive approach to ensuring the security of PowerEdge servers during deployment and throughout their lifecycle.

Security is ensured before deployment with Dell Technologies Secured Component Verification, a unique offering for servers[6] and Dell’s secure supply chain insurance extension. With exclusive features, such as customization of PowerEdge UEFI8 Secure Boot, boot is carefully managed to prevent and thwart attacks.

Improved cooling, designed for durability and energy efficiency

Low-consumption solutions and products are essential for the environment and for our customers, our commitment to sustainability is an integral part of everything we do. With a uniquely designed chassis, the new servers feature ducted fans and an adaptive cooling system for low power consumption that improves energy efficiency by up to 60% over previous generations.[7]. Coupled with multi-vector cooling, the airflow can be automatically directed to the hottest part of the server for optimized cooling. For some servers, direct liquid cooling features unique leak detection technology to help identify and resolve problems faster.

Flexible ways to consume IT solutions

With the APEX project, Dell Technologies is reinventing the way businesses consume IT solutions. The Dell Technologies Cloud Console will serve as the foundation for the APEX project, providing businesses with a single, seamless experience to manage their journey in the cloud and as-a-service.

Using the Dell Technologies Cloud Console, businesses today can subscribe and configure compute instances in private or hybrid cloud environments to precisely define infrastructure capabilities based on their workloads. In the future, they will be able to provision instances for virtual machines and container-based workloads, deliver them to the data center or edge, all with pay-as-you-go pricing.

In addition, the new line of PowerEdge servers are available with Flex On Demand pricing. The latter enables businesses to acquire the technology they need with payments that scale to use.[8].


Dell EMC PowerEdge C6525, R7525, R6525, R7515 and R6515 Servers with 3rd Generation AMD EPYCTM Processors Available Now
Dell EMC PowerEdge XE8545 servers equipped with 3rd generation AMD EPYCTM processors and NVIDIA A100 GPUs will be available from March 29
Dell EMC PowerEdge C6520, MX750c, R750, R750xa, R650 servers with 3rd generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors will be available in May 2021
Dell EMC PowerEdge R750xs, R650xs, R550, R450 servers and PowerEdge XR11 and XR12 rugged servers are expected to be available in Q2 2021.


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