Daphne, kidnapped by her father who thinks he's a spy, was seen in New Mexico

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation announced Monday that Daphne Westbrook, 17, who has been missing with her father since 2019, has been seen in New Mexico.

Are the police finally about to find Daphne Westbrook? The 17-year-old girl disappeared in October 2019 after being abducted by her father, where she had just spent the weekend. From that moment on, the man cut off all communication with the girl’s family. But on Monday, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said it had proof the teenager would be in New Mexico. CCTV footage appears to show the man in Santa Fe last October. The photo was released along with that of a 1971 Volkswagen Beetle, in which the two could travel. But the father was also reportedly seen driving a red sedan. Other evidence put forward by the police, Daphne’s bible was found on West Cordova Road in Santa Fe last October in a trash can. In February, Daphne also sent a secret message to a friend that she was considering self-harm. After receiving the message, authorities in Tennessee issued an arrest warrant for John Westbrook for aggravated kidnapping.

But the investigation is particularly delicate. The suspect, a specialist in security, blockchain technology and bitcoin, has no difficulty in escaping the authorities. “It communicates in such a way that it is almost impossible to trace it”, indicated in early March Melydia Clewell, chief of staff in the prosecutor’s office at the site Oxygen.com. According to her, the man takes himself for a real version of Jason Bourne, this spy of literature and cinema. He would even call himself “Oscar Bourne”. “In a way, it feels like a game for him.” Since the start of the affair, he would have used less than ten aliases so as not to be spotted.

The police are also confronted with the suspect’s family, who are in contact with him but refuse to cooperate. According to the Hamilton County Attorney General, the man “likes to hide, change his identity, and do the same for her,” he said. Neil Pinkston added that according to several testimonies, the teenager would be regularly forced to drink and drugged “to keep her in a state of deterioration”.

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