Daniel Elena : « Je vais rebondir »

Did you expect to receive such a phone call from Sébastien?

Not at all. I was at a store checkout when he called me. I picked up normally and he told me point blank the decision that had been taken.

What did you think?

I almost dropped my phone. I could tell in his voice that he was annoyed. It must not have been easy for him to call me to tell me such things. Knowing it, and knowing the whole story, I know where it came from. It is not after Sébastien that I have it, and when he began to explain to me the why and the how, I defended myself. I gave my version and it only validated. That’s the problem.

Exactly, what are you being criticized for?

They tell me “not involved”, “not motivated”, “too many navigation errors”, but from the tests, there was no communication with this team. I had several video interviews with my engineer to give them directions and thus make a car for the Dakar, and when we got to the tests, it was clear that they hadn’t listened to anything. They forgot that it was not on the circuit! It was not the Prodrive that I knew. It was completely unstructured, English style with only five mechanics. When we did the test with Peugeot, there were certainly three cars, but that represented 100 people. There, we were 48, I believe and there were only 20 working! Even at PH Sport (in 2019. Editor’s note), there were more people in the car!

Find the entire interview with Daniel Elena in the N ° 2304 of AUTOhebdo available in digital version.


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