Dacia Spring: the spring of electric?

Dacia launches pre-orders for its first electric car. Called Spring, this city car relies on an unprecedented price / performance ratio in the field of electricity to open up this engine to as many people as possible. Its commercial results could give a clue on the acceptance of electric propulsion in France.

© Dacia / Jean-Brice Lemal / Planimonteur

Dacia wants to revolutionize electric propulsion with Spring. The brand’s first 100% electric car, this city car relies on an unprecedented price / performance ratio in Europe on this type of propulsion. With a base price of 12 403 euros ecological bonus deducted (16,990 euros before bonus), Spring is the most affordable electric car on the market. For the record, a vehicle like the Citroën Ami evolves in another category, since it is considered as an electric motor quadricycle, limited to 45 km / h. The Spring is a real car, capable of accommodating four people and luggage. However, with an autonomy of 230 kilometers in the WLTP combined cycle, it is not intended for major summer departures. The brand designed the Spring as a daily commuting car. A use that brings together a very wide target, as explained Sylvain Coursimault, Marketing Director France of Dacia. “There are 15 million households in Europe who use their car in their daily trips, including 2 million in France. They drive an average of 30 kilometers per day and it is often the second car in the household ”. These motorists are the number one potential buyers of Spring. “They often own a vehicle at the end of its life and would go well electric but they still hesitate, especially in relation to the price”, continues the marketing director. Dacia wants to offer a credible solution to these “Intentionists”. “The Spring will have the lowest total cost of ownership on the market. We really want to lift a brake on the development of electricity ”, he says. The brand does not set any sales target but sees its Spring as its “Third revolution, after Logan and Duster”. Without going to the end of a revolution, this electric city car has serious advantages to convince.

Electric at a low price

Dacia has applied its usual methods to adapt the Renault K-ZE, marketed in China since 2019. A modern look of crossover in simple shapes and in equipment that eliminates the superfluous. Thus, the firm offers two levels of finishes for individuals and a version Business for companies. Prices, bonus deducted, amount to 12 403 euros for entry level Comfort, at 13 498 euros for the second level Comfort Plus and 12 264 euros for the Business. Pre-orders open on March 20 on the Internet will allow the first customers to be delivered next fall, with a free top-up card up for grabs. Those interested will be able to try the vehicle from this period in the 500 points of the Dacia primary network. They could finalize their pre-order with a seller. To meet customer demand, rental formulas for individuals starting at 89 euros for Comfort and 94 euros for Comfort Plus. Affordable pricing proposals, made possible thanks to a key element: the mass of the vehicle.

The Spring diet

Beyond its trendy look, the Spring owes its qualities to a total weight of 970 kg. A lightness that is felt at the wheel and makes the car fun to drive despite a power limited to 33 kW, or the equivalent of 44 horses. The couple of 125 Nm available from the start, combined with this reduced weight, allow convincing acceleration. City traffic is no problem and fast lane insertions do not frighten the driver. Only the times on these same expressways show the limits of the vehicle. An exercise for which it was not designed … The driving position will be surprising at first, before the driver gets used to it, just like the exotic tires and a sometimes stiff suspension. Small flaws that will be forgotten on a daily basis.

The bet won with a controlled global mass generates a virtuous circle. The limited weight allows the use of a small electric motor, a small battery of 27,4 kWh and modest peripheral elements. A daily battle, won thanks to a regime imposed each week by the technical management of the brand. Even though decades and technologies follow one another, the weight remains the enemy. Dacia defeated him with Spring and this technical victory could well help the brand to reap laurels in the commercial field.


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