COVID 19. Serent: how the host is going through the crisis

Philippe Le Pays du Teilleuc is an independent animator. He created his own business in Sérent in September 2019 and called it “Le Pays Animations”. “The first 6 months have been flourishing. The demand exploded before the 1st containment, a year ago. Unfortunately, the epidemic has arrived, and nothing has been the same since! ” , remembers Philippe. Rooms have closed, gatherings have been banned or reduced. Fears have set in and many establishments have refused any animation, until further notice. The facilitator also explains that he previously kept a weekly schedule with all of these scheduled appointments, now he manages his schedule from day to day!

“Today, I am in the canvassing to create a climate of trust around me, and then be able to have a project perspective, in the months to come… Fortunately, he says, there are still establishments that welcome me. This is the case of Juliette Lapier, director of the Résidence des Chênes de Saint-Marcel, for whom I work with its residents, every Thursday afternoon for 2 mobility sessions of 50 minutes each. Even though all seniors are vaccinated against covid, we respect the wearing of masks, distancing and use hydroalcoholic gel. ” Thursday April 1, the participants worked on reinforcing support and balance, the theme of the day! The educator adapts to each person in the exercises. He explains, demonstrates and does not force anyone. Each person at his own pace…

The educator offers, always alone, services in terms of adapted sport activities: gymnastics, hiking and horseback riding, equitherapy, swimming pool and balneotherapy; artistic workshops: theater, cultural, educational and fun workshops; sound and light shows, (sometimes costumed); but also sung animations, such as the 75-minute performance: “singing and telling”. These are French songs with tales and legends from Brittany “I played it several times at the residence of Les Chênes.”

All these proposals are aimed at social medical establishments, residents of residential homes for seniors and EHPAD (Accommodation Establishments for the Elderly and Handicapped), schools, colleges and high schools, communities and works councils …


Reference: Philippe Le Pays du Teilleul was previously a specialist educator at the Anne De Gaulle Foundation.

Its travel area covers the entire Morbihan department

Contact: by phone: 06 15 71 11 56 or by email: [email protected]


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