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In a cheese factory that has existed for more than ten years.

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It is a beautiful farm located in the town of Neuilly-le-Brignon, in the south of Indre-et-Loire… There are horses, cows, rabbits… Above all, we make cheese from a good decade and they are sold in supermarkets but also in school restaurants.

Spurred on by the young Annaëlle Pageard who joined the family in 2018, Fromagerie Maurice is embarking on a new project: the opening of an educational farm on 2ha of meadows by 2022. Objective: to welcome the great public for free visits with activities such as feeding and caring for animals, pony rides, a pedal tractor circuit for children, a play structure, etc … (during school periods and on weekends in spring /summer). It will also be possible to bring in schoolchildren and people with disabilities or to organize birthdays.

“We also regularly have requests for visits from the general public. This project will therefore make it possible to respond to existing demands, to satisfy and retain our current customers, but also to attract new visitors from different backgrounds. The aim of this project is also to boost and develop rural tourism in our region ” explains Annaëlle Pageard who has just launched crowdfunding to publicize the project and raise funds for its financing. “After observation in our rural area, we were able to observe that there is a lack of choice in the educational activities offered to families and school groups on the theme of agriculture and dairy processing” she continues.

50km from Tours, this project will require the installation of a reception building of 200m² or even a car park (work required in self-construction or self-development). A film will allow you to understand how the operation works. Depending on the season, we can harvest fruits and vegetables and – at all times – taste the products of the farm.

“Through these activities suitable for everyone, we want everyone to have the opportunity to be in direct contact with the different animals and thus transmit to them our values ​​on the love of animals and the importance of our agriculture and local production. “ explains the Fromagerie Maurice, which intends to welcome animals in “retirement” in this educational space, or others with a “Difficult past”. This will be an opportunity for the farm to develop goat and sheep breeding and eventually she has the idea of ​​hiring for this project.

In total 80,000 € of investments are necessary. 1is to compensate for crowdfunding is 5,000 € which would be used to purchase the first necessary materials. The ambition is to reach a maximum of € 15,000, ie the cost of the reception building. More info here.


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