Comparison between the new Toyota GR 86 and the GT 86

Long awaited, the Toyota GR 86 made its debut on the web. It is a model that recalls by its name the world of motorsport made in Toyota with the acronym GR for Gazoo Racing. For this generation, Toyota has applied the same recipe as the GT 86 while making it evolve on many points. So that you can better visualize the changes, we offer you this comparison between the Toyota GT 86 and GR 86.

New look

The aesthetic changes between the two Toyotas immediately attract attention, starting with the completely redesigned front end with its side air intakes in place of the fog lights. It thus gains in aggressiveness and personality, and receives full LED lights and a redesigned grille (it is loosely inspired by the first generation of the Jaguar F-Type).

Its style remains uncluttered. The roof retains the two “bumps”, but they are less pronounced and more square compared to those of the GT 86, while the shape of the mirrors changes.

Toyota GR86

The little fin disappears

References to the Supra can be seen in profile, with the rear hood lifting up to form a spoiler in place of the GT 86’s small spoiler. There are also new air intakes behind the rear wheels and plenty of lines. more pronounced, giving the GR 86 a more muscular appearance.

Toyota GT86
Toyota GR86

The antenna on the roof, now obsolete, disappeared and was replaced by a “spoiler” in the same color as the body.

(Almost) familiar from the back

The rear of the Toyota GR 86 has also undergone significant modifications and now the lights are partly reminiscent of the different Yaris and C-HRs. In the lower part, however, it’s a whole different story, with two – strictly real – exhausts coming out of the extractor.

Toyota GT86
Toyota GR86

Digital interior

One of the weak points of the Toyota GT 86 has always been the interior, both in terms of materials – mostly hard plastics – and in terms of technology, with a small touchscreen for the infotainment system.

On the GR 86, it’s a different story. There is a 7-inch screen for digital instrumentation and 8-inch for infotainment, compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Toyota GT86
Toyota GR86

Underneath are the buttons for the dual-zone air conditioning, flanked by the on / off button. The steering wheel once again has a perfectly circular shape and is placed in an almost vertical position. Finally, the handbrake lever, which has survived the era of electronic controls, is placed within easy reach.

Atmospheric pleasure

What made the Toyota GT 86 a true legend is its mechanics: atmo boxer engine at the front, rear-wheel drive and manual gearbox. Everything remained, but updated: the 2.0-liter 200 hp gives way to a 2.4 liters of 235 hp and 250 Nm of torque, for a 0-100 km / h in 6.3 seconds, 1.1 seconds less than the GT 86.

There’s no electrification or turbo, and for the transmission, customers can choose between manual or 6-speed automatic. We already know what our (and your) choice would be.


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