Classic Cars Expo: A remarkable 2nd edition

The second edition of the “Classic Cars Expo” which took place from Friday October 18 to Sunday October 20 in the heart of the Motorvillage in Bouskoura was a great popular success. Many visitors and other car enthusiasts came to admire a fine range of vintage vehicles with, as a bonus, original parts and great value. Something to delight their owners and the event organizer, namely theMoroccan Union of Old Automobiles (UMAA) who, for this second edition, have set the bar high.

It is under a radiant sun on this Friday, October 18 that the caravan of the Classic Cars Expo took possession of the Motorvillage of Bouskoura. Like a beehive in full swing, the members of the UMAA and all of their partners have been busy with the last preparations and other small details in order to welcome the general public as it should be. Precise placement of the vehicles on their parking area, pampered bodies, officials working to fit out their stands, last sound tests to perfect the musical entertainment, everything was ready for this great celebration to begin with fanfare. the automobile.

Mr. Abdellah Chater, Governor of the province of Nouaceur, inaugurated the 2nd edition of Classic Cars in the presence of the members of the UMAA, including Rafik Kamal Lahlou, Vice-President of the UMAA and Abdellah Abdellaoui, Honorary President of UMAA.

It should be noted that the event hosted a little more than 250 vintage vehicles, coming from various parts of the Kingdom, but also from Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Senegal. Also, several stands were already arousing the interest of a few visitors and other car enthusiasts, not hesitating to admire the gaze, photograph and post their favorite photos on social networks. At the stroke of 4 p.m. on Friday, October 18, the excitement rose a notch when the Governor of the province of Nouaceur, Abdellah Chater, was pleased to proceed, along with the members of the UMAA , at the official inauguration of the 2th Classic Cars edition.

It must be said that through this event, the UMAA has no other ambitions than to work fully for the preservation and enhancement of the national automobile heritage. The association which, in addition to the Classic Cars Expo, has a range of short and long-term actions in reserve to achieve its objectives.

Khalid Kabbaj, President of UMAA.

Rare pieces

More than 250 vehicles from the best known to the most unusual, those estimated according to their value at a reasonable price when others reach stratospheric sums, there was something for everyone. No stands that were not shunned by visitors as there were so many things to see: pre-war and post-war vehicles, city cars, sedans, limousines, sports vehicles, even military vehicles and other two-wheelers … An exhibition that allowed everyone to travel through time. The tone was set, since barely through the doors of this Show, visitors were greeted by two military vehicles, including the famous Jeep Willis from 1941 in perfect state of restoration.

Those nostalgic for La Dolce Vita have been able to discover a Vespa areopagus, all generations combined. The famous wasp of the Italian manufacturer Piaggio has even been unveiled by a collector of the Kingdom in a version of the most unusual sidecars with the added bonus of luggage as long as the pilot and his passenger want to swallow the kilometer. A glance to the left on one of the stands to come face to face with a Mini de Rallye, recalling the glory days of the victorious brand at the Monte-Carlo rally in 1967. A few meters further, it is a Cadillac Eldorado of 1959, the favorite carriage of Hollywood stars, which attracted all eyes.

Splendid collector’s vehicles caught the eye.

What about this collector who, like the club of friends of the 2CV in Agadir, only has eyes for Citroën. A combination of circumstances, the double chevron brand is celebrating its centenary in 2019. Suddenly, some flagship models including a Citroën B12, manufactured from 1925 to 1927, several Tractions avant and other 2 CV which forged the legend of the mark, not to mention the unforgettable DS19 and DS21 which gave Citroën its letters of nobility in the category of premium vehicles, shone a thousand lights within this exhibition.

Nice parade for Citroën’s centenary on the most beautiful arteries of Casablanca.

Noticed displays

Without being exhaustive, because it would take pages and pages to tell the rich history of each model, one of the rare pieces of this Show was none other than a Rolls Royce Silver Wraith Sports Saloon 1949, perfectly restored. This same Rolls which, as part of a road parade scheduled for Saturday, October 19 in the main arteries of Casablanca and for which about fifty exceptional cars took part, did not fail to attract all eyes. Also, the former owners of the machine, who had made the trip, honoring the event with their presence, took the wheel of their sublime Rolls one last time. The icing on the cake is that the latter with an eye for detail have donned a period outfit perfectly appropriate to their old vehicle. And parade, it was in question the next day, since as part of its centenary, a cohort of Citroëns of all ages also marched in the heart of Casablanca.

A lavish Rolls Royce Silver Wraith Sports Saloon from 1949.

The Automotive Academy is on!

In addition to the beauties of yesteryear which fascinated the large public and a few other activities allowing you to stay in the mood, including rally vehicles which made the show on the Motorvillage speed circuit, the other interest of Classic Cars Expo was none other than the partners and other car operators who had their stands. Among them, visitors were able to inquire about the training offers now offered by the Automotive Academy, the automotive training center created from scratch by the UMAA. A school which opened its doors last September to twenty young graduates.

The latter will have a high level of supervision, which will be provided by professionals of old automobile mechanics and motorsport oriented mechanics. A two-year cycle of automotive technician training delivering a diploma recognized by the national education system, supplemented by an additional training of 1,030 hours of qualification with two options: preparer and assistant of motorsport or restorer of vintage cars .

The stand of this avid collector of Vespa scooters was very popular with visitors.

However, the ambitions of UMAA with regard to the promotion of national heritage do not stop there. The Union is actively working on the opening in the Kingdom of a museum capable of bringing together the finest automobile examples and unpublished parts in the Kingdom.


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