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A motorist, driving a stolen car, collided with a police vehicle and a truck in his flight early Saturday in Friborg.

The stolen and destroyed car was taken over by a service garage.

Friborg police

A drunk man driving a stolen car in Bulle (FR) was arrested early Saturday after refusing to submit to a police check.

Spotted on the A12 around 4.30 am by a patrol, the vehicle fled and struck a police car before causing an accident in Niederwangen. Slightly injured, the driver was taken to hospital, then placed under provisional arrest, said a press release from the Friborg police. The motorist who drove under withdrawal of the driving license and in a state of intoxication will be reported to the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Fugitive under license withdrawal

Several police patrols followed the fugitive who circulated dangerously and at high speed. While the blue lights were on and the siren blaring, the fleeing driver refused to obey police stop signals. At the height of South Freiburg, he struck the police car in the back and continued his escape towards Bern, explains the press release from the police.

Shortly before Niederwangen (BE), the 25-year-old crashed head-on into a truck which was running correctly. Slightly injured during the accident, the motorist was taken to a hospital, before being placed under provisional arrest. The driver of the truck, a 33-year-old man, was slightly injured.

The A12 motorway section, Flamatt – Niederwangen had to be closed to traffic for the
accident carried out under the responsibility of the Bern cantonal police.

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