CGI Finance wins the 2020 edition

78% of the dealers questioned in the new Cote d’Amour des Financeurs survey, conducted by Cegos, say they are satisfied with the relationship they have with their backers. The 23rd 2020 edition of this survey was won by CGI Finance.

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In this context of health crisis marked by two periods of confinement, the annual study carried out by Jean-Michel Brulard for the Cegos firm still sheds very interesting light on the evolution of the relationship between distributors and their financing companies, which ‘they are captive or independent. The 23e edition of the Financial Funders Love Rating survey, conducted by Cegos for Car info, further reveals the strategic importance of funders in automotive distribution.
You can find the entire 2020 study in our next issue in February.

A declining average rating

78% of the dealers surveyed in the study are satisfied with the relationships they have with their backers compared to 79% in 2019. The average score (13.5) obtained by the backers is down very slightly (- 0.2 point compared to last year).
To the question What is your overall level of satisfaction? 78% of dealers express their satisfaction: 22% are very satisfied and 56% are satisfied. The number of dealers who say they are generally satisfied is down very slightly (-1 point) compared to 2019.

The 606 dealers surveyed naturally work with a main funder, namely their brand captive in 92% of cases on average compared to 90% in 2019. In this 2020 study, we notice that 188 of them work with a secondary funder (31 %). Finally, 67 distributors (11% of concessions) state that they have a third funder, ie an average of 1.53 funders per dealership.

With regard to the offer to individuals, the best levels of satisfaction are observed for used-vehicle loans (79% satisfied). This item receives the most satisfaction with an average score of 14.7 / 20 in front of the balloon financing (77% satisfied) 14.9 / 20, the extension of the used vehicle guarantee (76% satisfied) 14.4 / 20 and the assistance contract (76% satisfied) 14.5 / 20.

The highest levels of satisfaction are as follows: the competence of the sales associates in the field, the partnership with your company, the updating and dissemination of scales, the speed of payment of financing files or the quality of the ‘telephone reception.

39 items down this year

As the Cegos study shows, 39 items are down this year. This is particularly the case for the ability to offer personalized and local promotions (- 0.9 points), the quality of promotional materials (- 1.7 points), the range of days and hours of service. (- 1.6 points), the speed of acceptance of files (- 1.6 points), the impact of marketing operations (- 1.4 points), the autonomy of the interlocutor for rapid decision-making (- 1.4 points), the quality of the telephone reception (- 1.4 points), innovation in terms of products and services to customers (- 1.3 points), the stability of the interlocutors (- 1, 3 point), the effectiveness of general public advertising (- 1.2 point), the quality of the documents given to the sellers (- 1.2 point), the proximity of the interlocutors (- 1.2 point), the competence of corresponding to the telephone (- 1.2 point), the speed of reaction to new products from competition (- 1.2 point), the means of IT connection with the financier (- 1.2 point) and the adaptation of the range to the needs of cl ients (- 1.1 point). Going from 12.3 to 12.4, only the competitiveness of NV financing is increasing (+ 0.1 point).


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