bus drivers denounce extended working hours

The CGT and UNSA organizations have filed a strike notice covering the period from April 2 to August 31, for the staff of the Transdev establishment in Arnas. According to them, the economic and social crisis, linked to the health crisis, has unprecedented repercussions on the passenger transport activity, whether for urban or interurban transport. This national movement, to which are added local demands (deposits of Arnas, Amplepuis, Sarcey and Monsols), is mainly based on working conditions, considered deplorable by the unions of employees.

“We greatly exceed 7 hours of work per day”

CGT and UNSA denounce working days that are too busy, with exceptional amplitudes exceeding 13 hours, with strong TTE (effective working time), which exhaust the drivers. Jean-Luc Carrichon, UNSA union delegate, specifies: “For exceeding the amplitudes, an exceptional exemption is necessary. However, these exceptional exemptions have become regular ”.

He continues: “The TTE greatly exceeds 7 working hours per day. The directors make their drivers run to the maximum ”. He worries: “There is now public insecurity. The drivers have no decrease in activity and no increase in salary either ”.

The unions also denounce insufficient hustle and bustle (HLP). They ask management to review all the HLPs that do not allow the time available to customers, provided for in the 2001 company agreement, to be respected.

Jean-Luc Carrichon specifies: “For an exit from the college of Limas at 4.30 p.m., we are not paid until 4:20 p.m. While it takes more than 10 minutes to settle in, cross Villefranche and arrive at the middle School. It’s injustice, ”he says.

In a week of 5 working days, the days go up to 9 hours. On Saturdays, many also work. “There is no sacred pay for all this overtime,” laments Jean-Luc Carrichon.

“The profession is deteriorating”

At 52 years old and with 22 years of seniority in the profession, Jean-Luc Carrichon makes a glaring observation: drivers are suffering. “The driving rhythms are not weakening. The drivers are in despair ”.

The unions tried to speak to the labor inspectorate, without follow-up: “We are not going to give up and ask the labor inspectorate to examine the roadmaps”.

Hamdi Abed, central union delegate, adds: “The unions want much more favorable working conditions and an hourly rate, which goes with the job”. He warns: “The profession is deteriorating, it is unacceptable”. Robert Picazo, elected CGT, adds: “We are treated at a discount. It’s a long-standing situation, but it gets worse over time ”.

The unions certify that this Friday, the Cars du Rhône lines will be impacted. But to what extent ? It was impossible for us to know the precise number of striking employees. A general assembly is scheduled for Friday at 9 a.m. in front of the Sytral headquarters in Lyon. When contacted, Transdev’s management did not respond to our calls.


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