BRP officially launches into electric propulsion

This is not the first time that we have heard of BRP’s desire to launch into the production of electric vehicles. In 2019, the company of Quebec origin had shown what to expect from the firm specializing in recreational vehicles.

This time, BRP confirms that it will invest $ 300 million over the next five years in order to electrify its range, a speech that is already being heard everywhere in the automotive industry.

“We have always said that the question of electrification was to know when it was going to be done rather than if it was going to be done. Today, we are very excited to share more details with you about our plan that will allow us to deliver products that will revolutionize the industry and improve the consumer experience through new electrical options, ”said José Boisjoli, President and CEO of BRP.

The manufacturer, which now has facilities in Quebec, Austria, Finland and even the United States, acquired the assets of the small manufacturer of electric motorcycles Alta Motors in 2019. The sale of the Rotax Sonic E-Kart followed. the racing kart which is already in service at the MAX Dome in Linz, Austria. It was at Club BRP 2019 that the manufacturer unveiled these electric concepts of the future. BRP also said it has developed several prototypes of battery-electric, hybrid and even fuel-cell electric vehicles, but everything indicates that the purely electric steering is the one chosen to move forward.

Moreover, BRP will design its own modular Rotax electric propulsion technology that can be applied to the entire range of products. The Rotax electric motor development facility in Gunskirchen, Austria will be expanded, while a BRP Electric Vehicle Development Center will be established in Valcourt, where it all began for Bombardier.

Soon, Can-Am, Sea-doo and even Ski-doo vehicles, not to mention BRP karts, scooters and even motorcycles will all be powered by an electric motor developed in Quebec and Austria. The very first electric production vehicle will be launched within two years, followed by an electric offensive in all branches of the brand.


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