BMW opens a virtual museum for its Art Cars

BMW never ceases to highlight its Art Cars, but how to blame the manufacturer for an initiative that has brought industry, competition and contemporary art together. In addition, we never tire of seeing these works and failing to do it in real life, it is now easier thanks to a website dedicated to the 17 BMW Art Cars which mixes images and videos.

No need to go over in detail the history of these cars, seen many times here. It should however be remembered that it is to a private initiative that BMW owes its vocation as protector of the arts. It was the great auctioneer Hervé Poulain who had the idea of ​​asking Alexander Calder to decorate a BMW 3.0 CSL “batmobile” for the 24 hours of Le Mans 1975. The operation will be repeated in the following years with the active participation of BMW seduces, and that of artists fascinated by the world of competition, which was not obvious at the start.

BMW will then extend the line to production models, allowing the Art Cars approach to truly fit into the history and culture of the brand even if it is the racing cars that remain the most famous, the fact of putting the car on the track adding a particular dimension to the work. BMW has chosen to return to Le Mans last year to mark the 35th anniversary of the CSL Calder with the M3 GT2 painted by Jeff Koons.

The site created by the manufacturer allows you to immerse yourself in a more intimate way in the creation process of each of the 17 cars kept in Munich, each of them being the subject of a video introduction presenting the context and the artist, in German or English, hoping that versions in other languages ​​including French will follow.

The site can be viewed by following this link.

Source: BMW

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